How to Get Started In Organizational Consulting [On-Air Coaching with David Manguiat]

organizational consulting Sep 14, 2021

A question I get a lot is, "How do I break into organizational consulting?"

Even though I retired from organizational consulting, I am so grateful for my years advising the executives at Walt Disney World around transformational change. As an organization development consultant, I played a key role in aligning the senior executive team around how service was delivered on the front lines, what needed to happen to establish Disney's Animal Kingdom as a must-see park, and how the creative and operational teams partnered together.

For this reason, I was thrilled to have a conversation with graduate school student David Manguiat on how to break into this high-profile, high-impact profession.

Watch this on-air coaching session if you are someone who:

  • Like David, wants organizational consulting to be your primary career path
  • Is in Human Resources and wants more organization development type work
  • Is a consulting business owner seeking to break into the larger companies

In this session, you'll discover more than how to get started but what it TRULY takes to succeed as an executive advisor and how to influence change that ACTUALLY sticks.

To find your place in business, you need to:

  • Find the problem you want to solve, and who has it? To do this, you need to understand your gifts. I told David that his degree is less critical than honing his skills and strengths. He is discovering that his strength is his love to perform.
  • If you are still in school, realize what percentage of the classes you are taking interest you? That also tells you what isn't for you. 

To be an organizational development consultant, you have to:

  1. Be a systems thinker.
  2. Be able to simplify the complex. Get data down to its essence. You win executives over by how you sort and organize ideas.
  3. Be able to hold your own with people who are older than you—advocate for yourself.
  4. Have political savvy. Many ideas don't hold because the OD can't get people on board.
  5. Realize there is no place on the org chart for you. You have to carve it out yourself.

The X factor - being able to hold your own with executives and wrangle stakeholders.

Problems tackled through organizational development:

  • ODs are typically brought in when a company is going from one life cycle to the next. Leadership and practices have not caught up to the next stage, and they need help.
  • Stakeholders are not on the same page for growth strategies.
  • 99% of the time, it's related to politics. 
  • They are winning as many customers as they are losing.
  • They can't build the revenue.
  • It boils down to organizations being in transition.

The X factor - strategic consultants will position themselves against transitional issues.

How to break into organizational development - find a mentor and make yourself indispensable.

No matter where you are if you are trying to break into organizational development:

  • Learn the organizational consulting engagement cycle.
  • Learn how to deliver results from influences rather than positional authority.
  • Learn how to push back productively.
  • Learn how to approach everything from a systems perspective.

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