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From Employee to Healthpreneur: Adrienne Barela's Inspiring Story

inspiring interviews & case studies Jul 20, 2023

Running a business and maintaining optimal health may seem like a Herculean task, but it's not impossible. In a recent podcast episode, gut health expert and successful entrepreneur Adrienne Barela demystified the intersection of wellness and entrepreneurship.

An integrative health practitioner, Adrienne Barela navigated her journey from employee to health and wellness business owner with resilience, determination, and an impressive understanding of the human body. Nin's story serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of personal experiences, underscoring the significance of boldness and self-confidence in achieving health goals.

Recognizing Burnout and Preventing Adrenal Fatigue

One of the key topics discussed in the podcast episode was understanding our bodies and the early signs of burnout. Nin emphasized the importance of learning to listen to our bodies to prevent adrenal fatigue, a common consequence of chronic stress. Symptoms like exhaustion, bloating, and unexpected weight gain can be early warning signs of burnout and unhealthy gut health.

Misconceptions About Gut Health

The conversation further delved into debunking misconceptions about stomach acid and identifying the actual causes of GERD and IBD. According to Nin, too much stomach acid is often misdiagnosed as the root cause, while in reality, it's usually a symptom of an underlying issue.

Increasing Nutrient Intake

Discussing practical strategies to enhance our diets, Nin suggested gradually increasing fiber intake and incorporating more nutrition and protein. For instance, she recommended having a minimum of one cup of produce at each meal and two cups of vegetables per day. Such simple yet effective strategies can drastically improve our health and well-being.

Optimizing Health for Busy Entrepreneurs

Nin offered invaluable tips for entrepreneurs seeking to improve their digestion and sleep patterns. With her easy-to-follow strategies, she demonstrated how to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, optimize nutrition, and establish a healthy circadian rhythm. For instance, incorporating box breathing can help activate the parasympathetic nervous system, enhancing digestion and sleep quality.

Building a Business from Personal Experiences

You'll also hear Nin's inspiring journey from a health-challenged individual to a thriving entrepreneur. Nin shared how her personal health experiences enabled her to create a roadmap for her clients, emphasizing the importance of clarity, consistency, and confidence in achieving health goals. The episode concluded with a powerful takeaway: prioritize self-care.

By doing so, we not only enhance our wellness but also empower ourselves to make better decisions, be more creative, and ultimately, drive our entrepreneurial journey towards success. With her wealth of knowledge and lived experiences, Nin Borela is indeed an inspiring guide for anyone seeking to navigate the intertwined paths of health and entrepreneurship.

About my guest: Adrienne is a 45-year-old, proud working mom of two. However, she struggled for years with an imbalanced gut, which led to weight gain (seemingly overnight!), fatigue, eczema, and imbalanced hormones. All of which affected her cycle, mood, and well-being. Doctors always told her everything looked “normal.” But she knew better and was always surprised when they just wanted to prescribe something to mask symptoms vs. getting to the root cause of my issues. After taking a deep dive into Ayurvedic principles and Chinese Medicine herbs and becoming a certified Integrative Health Practitioner, she found the areas that she was either deficient in or too toxic, and got them back into balance through specific protocols. And just like that, I transformed my body and life. Now, she can’t wait to help you detoxify, re-balance your gut and hormones, and optimize your health because a balanced body can't be overweight, overstressed or sick.

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