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5 Reasons Why Your Client Needs You to Charge What You're Worth

4 - marketing & sales mindset mastery Dec 23, 2020
Why Your Client Needs You to Charge What You’re Worth

Most consultants get anxiety attacks when it comes to talking about money with potential clients. 

While it is important for you to address your own underlying issues for why it is hard for you to ask for equitable compensation for your worth, have you considered the significance to YOUR client that you do ask for your worth?

If you are a consultant, you are a change agent. Your proposal reflects so much more than simply an offer for work in exchange for fees. It is in fact the moment of truth for a client who is considering making an important change. When you stand in and ask for your worth, you are not just putting yourself in a position to make money. You are providing your client an opportunity to put their money where their mouths are for something that have deemed important.

So, let me share with you why your client NEEDS you to ask for your worth:

  1. Agreeing to work with a consultant or coach is a sign of commitment to change. When they sign on the dotted line, they are saying “yes” to change.
  2. There is truth in the old adage that we value what we pay for. When your client is asked to part with their hard earned money, they are demonstrating with actions that they value the process that they are engaging in with you.
  3. When you client invests in you, they are psychologically on the hook for what they said that they wanted to create. It provides internal accountability that will help your client when they find that implementing the change that they seek is harder than it looked at the beginning.
  4. When you ask for you worth, you are ensuring equity in the relationship. Undercharging for your worth actually keeps you from providing your client the peer to peer partnership that enables you to add the full value you are capable of.
  5. When you stand in your worth, you model for your client what it looks like to stand in theirs.

Playing small and asking for less than your value is not humility. True humility is having an honest perspective of your God-given talents and the results that they create for someone else and asking to be paid accordingly.

Speaking of charging what you are worth, proposal writing is another efficient way of getting paid for the value that you give. Swipe my FREE Proposal template now. 


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