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How to Choose a Business Mentor: 10 Ways to Ensure You're Getting the Support You Need

starting a consulting & coaching business Aug 02, 2019

Hiring a mentor is the most significant business development decision you'll make. 

It signifies three things:

  1. You're done with trying to cobble together best practices from podcasts, webinars and books and are ready for real traction. You're wanting to grow your business right without wasting time and money on what won't work. 
  2. You want your business to be the best. You're starting to see and believe that you can and will be a thought leader and want to position yourself in that way.
  3. You're finally ready to fully commit to your business and be okay with not knowing what you don't know. You're coming to a place where you realize that learning the skills to run your business effectively is an integral part to your long-term success.

But how do you know that the mentor that you're considering is the right one?

This is what I'll show you in this video. I'll give you 10 ways to assess whether or not the mentor you're considering:

  • Has the relevant expertise that you're needing
  • Aligns with your values
  • Fits your style and how you like to work
  • Will make the experience of growing your business more fun

A mentor who does their job right doesn't just give you new business skills or tools. They also help transform and up-level your perception and confidence of what's your potential success can look like.  

Even if you're not ready to hire a mentor, pay close attention to the business growth philosophies I share in this video so you can be more mindful of the people you follow and learn from.

Once you've had a chance to watch, I'd love to know:

1. Of the things I mention to look for in a mentor, which is more important

2. What has been your experience with mentors? What are best practices to adopt and what are worst practices to avoid. 

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