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#17: Here is a Method That Is Helping Consultants Land More High-Paying Contracts (Without Shameless Self-Promotion)

4 - marketing & sales consulting matters podcast Aug 06, 2018
Betsy Jordyn International
#17: Here is a Method That Is Helping Consultants Land More High-Paying Contracts (Without Shameless Self-Promotion)

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Need to earn more money from your consulting but hate sales? I have some great news! You don't have to.

You don't have to become a shameless self-promoter or get overly aggressive with your pricing in order to increase your compensation.

All you need is to learn how to become a proactive advocate - the sane and integrity-filled way of landing high-paying consulting contracts.

Why You Need to Listen to This Week's Podcast

In my latest podcast from the series "Consulting Matters: Mastering the Art & Science of the Business," I expose for you why you do and should hate sales...and I give you a better alternative. 

You'll learn about how to become a proactive advocate who knows how to recommend solutions that are a client's best interest. You'll also discover why holding tight to a service mentality is just good business - for both you and your client and how this type of mentality translates into why it is in your client's best interest for you to ask for your worth. 

When you dare to be powerful - to offer your strengths in service of your client's visions and needs, your fears about not having what it takes or asking for equitable compensation becomes less and less relevant. 

Where You Might Get Stuck

Unresolved money fears often times hijack good intentions. It can be hard to stay grounded in your service mindset when you feel afraid that you won't have enough to pay the bills. If that is the case, I have two suggestions:

1. Read my article on Facing the Five Fears That Stand Between You and Working for Yourself. This article shares the common fears that most consultants experience at one time or another and strategies on how to transcend those fears.

2. Make sure you're building your business on the strength of your authentic brand and your marketing systems that consistently draw in your perfect clients. You're not meant to live a lifestyle of "feast or famine" income cycles. You deserve the peace of mind that comes from a steady revenue stream from regular leads that are coming into your pipeline. 

In case you are wondering about more ways to land high-value clients and close more deals, swipe my FREE Proposal template and discover the power of proposal writing and how it helps you get paid for the value you create.

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