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10 Questions to Ask in a Current State Review

organizational consulting Nov 06, 2017
best questions to ask in a current state review

Is your client needing a current state review but you're not sure what questions to ask. Here are the top 10 strategic questions you need to get answers to by virtue of your current state review:

1. Who are our customers? What do we provide to them?

2. What is the value proposition or brand promise? In other words, what outcome or benefit to they receive as a result of their relationship with us?

3. What is the source of our competitive advantage? Do we compete based on having the best product, the best price or the best total customer experience?

4. In what ways has our strategy changed? Are we pursuing new markets or customer bases? Developing new products lines or service types for existing customers? Transforming the way we deliver our products/services?

5. If we haven’t changed our strategy, should we? If so, how? Is the source of our competitive advantage changing? If so, in what ways?

6. How is our current organization designed? Is it by function, process, geography, customer, matrix, of hybrid? How did the current organization design get to the way it is?

7. How well does our organization design enable or hinder our ability to delivery on today’s and our future strategy?

8. How well does the current organization design enable or hinder internal effectiveness and efficiency?

9. To what degree is the senior team, especially the senior executive at the top, committed to optimizing our organization design and positioning the team for long-term sustainable growth?

10. Does the organization on the whole have the capacity and talent to re-imagine the paths to how work gets done and the ways the company can deliver product and service excellence to its customers and partner with one another?

Bottom line – Like I said before, organization design is more than moving boxes on a piece of paper. It is about changing the work experience for employees. Therefore, upfront planning and intention is the secret to ensuring your organization redesign is successful in terms of both the outcomes achieved AND the process of getting there.

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