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#1: Have Trouble Connecting with High-Level Buyers? Here's What To Do.

organizational consulting & executive advising Oct 16, 2017
Betsy Jordyn International
#1: Have Trouble Connecting with High-Level Buyers? Here's What To Do.

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Whether you are new to consulting or have been consulting for a while SURELY you have considered the possibility of landing work with the larger companies.

Perhaps this question has been top of mind for a while. You've probably wondered:

"How would I meet those larger companies?"

"Can I speak their language? Can I get them to trust me? 

"What would I offer them? Do I have what they are looking for?" 

But you didn't know where to search for the answers....so you invest more money in your marketing, consider getting a new certification and continue working with small clients...

But there is a better way. 

I'm excited to announce my brand-new podcast channel that I am calling Consulting Matters: Mastering the Art and Science of the Business.

The truth is - in order to do good as a consultant, you have to be good, maybe even the best.

With this series, I am going to unveil for you the secrets behind how organizations function and create value, why change is getting so much harder today and the best ways for consultants to position themselves to create real and sustainable value.

I'm not going to give you slick sales techniques and sexy pricing strategies. Instead, I am going to show you how to optimize your credibility and contribution that will naturally lead to higher compensation.

Without further ado, I invite you to dive into the first episode of the Consulting Matters podcast, where I will expose the reasons why change is literally getting harder today. Ever since I was in grad school back in the late 90's, the business world has been agonizing over the challenge of change. But the truth it - it is harder now than ever before.

Why You Need to Listen In
  • To learn the 4 big reasons why this podcast will be essential for you and your consulting effectiveness
  • To fully appreciate very specific reasons for why mastering your ability to support change will empower you to close more business, increase your per contract fee, establish longer term client relationships and dramatically enhance the results you can create for your clients
  • Identify the sneaky ways "either/or" thinking is messing with your client's (and your success.)
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