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How Parenthood Makes You a Better Leader with Valerie Cockerell (Ep99)

Parenthood: The unsung hero of leadership and consulting success

Agree or disagree: How you parent reflects how you lead in the workplace.

I’d hedge a bet that you agree.

That’s why it’s so important to become more conscious of all the leadership skills you cultivate from raising children so that you can intentionally use them to enhance how you lead, coach, and advise others.

Today’s episode, I’m bringing on leadership consultant, keynote speaker and author of the book Manage Like a Mother: Leadership Lessons Drawn from the Wisdom of Mom, Valerie Cockerell.

On the show Valerie and I chat about her background growing up in France and how she became an operational leader and leadership trainer at Disney. But we focus on how she discovered with all of her formal leadership development training and experience; her greatest leadership lessons came from her time stepping away from her formal career to raise children.

You’ll hear:

  • [0:02:28]: How Valerie’s love of change and learning led her from her home in France to Disney operational leadership, parenting, consulting, and keynote speaking all around the world
  • [0:12:00]: Why confidence can be lacking when stay-at-home parents re-enter the workforce
  • [0:23:37]: How parenting is an exceptional leadership development opportunity that most people overlook or minimize
  • [0:29:20]: Why more women would be represented in senior leadership if companies offered more flexibility, balance, and appreciation of different leadership styles and experiences
  • [0:37:41]: The competitive leadership advantage of a “mother’s leadership style”
  • [0:42:41]: How the lens of parenting creates a simple, easy framework for developing leaders

Listen in and remember that every aspect of our lives serves to develop and grow us into the people, consultants, and coaches that we are and are becoming, including parenting.

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About My Guest:

Valerie Cockerell is a leadership consultant, keynote speaker and author of the book Manage Like a Mother: Leadership Lessons Drawn from the Wisdom of Mom where she's got some down-to-earth advice for folks aiming to be top-notch leaders. From parenting tips to juggling tasks like a pro mom, handling conflicts, and being a solid role model, she shows how these skills easily transfer to the workplace and get results. You can learn more about her at https://cockerellconsulting.com/

About Me:

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