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Reposition Your Strengths to Create Your Dream Business with Roy Bell (Ep26)

Get ready for a powerful conversation about why letting go of the business you think you should have IS THE WAY to the business that is meant for you. 

Last week I started my series on Owning Your Strengths, and in my previous episode, I explained why it's such a challenge for consultants and coaches to see, let alone own, their strengths.  

I'm super excited to have Roy Bell on my show today as he knows first-hand about these challenges and overcoming them.

When Roy and I started working on his business build and brand several years ago, at the time, it made sense for Roy to leverage his process and system expertise as the foundation of his consulting business. Still, he had a tough time pulling the trigger on this business model. His heart wasn't in it, and he had some personal life issues screaming for his attention. 

He and I lost touch for a while until I came across him again on LinkedIn and immediately saw something completely different in Roy. His language, his energy, and his confidence were so different! When we worked together, he was NOT a fan of marketing, and now he was out there doing it. So what changed?

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • How Roy discovered himself to discover his business
  • How Roy learned that he had to apply the skills he used in business to himself 
  • The "ah-hah" moment that led to his brand clarity and positioning
  • The story behind his business and how it fuels him to make micro changes in organizations and people that then change the world

Roy continues to use his process and system engineering mind in a whole new way in his coaching business, and I can't wait for you to hear about it!

Where to dive in:

[5:19] Why reactive mode takes away energy from being creative. 

[8:00] How Roy applied his process mind to his inner world. Hear what gave him this "Ah-hah" moment.

[13:57] Hear how growing up in the South as a black man shaped how and why he changes microsystems.

[16:24] "Why" questions put people on the defense. Learn how to ask the right questions that lead to exploration and transformation.

[19:45] Hear why Roy thinks we can be the student and the teacher simultaneously in our lives.

[24:10] Who is Roy's ideal client, and how does he help them transform?

[27:45] What happens as we change our beliefs?

Next steps:

1) Sign up for a FREE 5-Day Mental Detox from Roy at https://roybellcoaching.com/mental-detox. Gain insight and tools to declutter your mind, calm your emotions and transform your life.

2) You don't have to do it yourself. Don't be afraid to call on someone to help you co-create a future. You are not a bother or a nuisance to anyone. When you enlist help, you go through these steps faster. Every hero has a mentor.

3)If you want to find a new use for your established superpowers like Roy did, I'd love to work with you. Head to my website at www.betsyjordyn.com to learn more about my one-on-one brand positioning and messaging mentoring program. 

About My Guest: Roy Bell is a father of three amazing kids, an avid knowledge seeker, and mental wellness coach. He loves fearless living, stimulating conversations, and empowering others to walk in alignment with their heart desires. Roy believes coaching is a powerful means for contributing to social change. Which is why he is passionate about helping others break through mental barriers and negative thoughts patterns preventing them from reaching the success they desire.His coaching focuses on guiding individuals to explore the intersection of the mind-heart connection, spirituality, and mindful systems thinking. It was through his own experience with trauma and a desire to help others move beyond adversity and hardship which led him to train at the acclaimed Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, where he proudly earned my Certification as a Transformational Coach. Roy also holds a BS in Computer Science from Alabama A&M University and an MS in Management from Liberty University. Prior to coaching, he spent 20 years in the private sector spearheading organizational & digital transformations. In that time, Roy learned that achieving sustainable change requires solving challenges at the source of the issues and not the symptoms. And it's through this lens that Roy helps clients discover peace, harmony, and freedom!

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