Why It's Hard To See Your Strengths (Ep25)

Do you have a hard time seeing and valuing your strengths? 

I'm super-excited about this brand-new series I'm starting - Owning Your Strengths.

You'll discover why this is a common challenge, especially for consultants and coaches. You'll also get practical first steps on how to jump this hurdle and get to your zone of genius. 

I hope you get out of the series what my clients love the most about the brand messaging and positioning work we do together – insight into and acceptance of who you truly are in your core and the value that only you can create for others.

When you don't just know your strengths but own them, you can:

  • Build a business that you love and are excited about creating.
  • Be clear on how you stand out and be confident when sharing what you do.
  • Be bolder in your marketing and choose the type of strategies to attract clients to you vs. accepting whatever comes along.
  • Ask clients to work with you without hesitation and pay you what you're worth without apology.
  • Stop working because it doesn't feel like work when you do what you love.

Where to dive in:

[4:56] Common reasons why it's hard to see your strengths.

[7:26] Why owning strengths is uniquely challenging for consultants and coaches. 

[11:17] What makes a strength become a superpower? 

[12:30] Get the quick recap.

[14:15] Where to start to understand your superpower. 

Next steps:

1. Think deeper about the compliments you receive and ask more questions. Go beyond things like "you're so punctual" and listen to what they experience as a superpower and why.

2. Look broadly at your track record of success. Don't just look at your formal responsibilities, but what you informally do could indicate the strengths you should build the business on. 

3. Want personal help tapping into your superpowers and using them as a foundation of your business? Check out my Brand Positioning and Mentoring program. This program is for new and seasoned consultants and coaches. You will gain clarity and confidence in the value of what you do and the words to express that value so you can attract and convert clients with ease and consistency. 

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