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How to Find and Trust Your Ideas: Becoming a Thought Leader with Dan Weedin (Ep21)

Dan Weedin, a treasured colleague of mine for over ten years, is an experienced entrepreneur, thought leader, author, and award-winning speaker who has a passion for consulting, coaching, and mentoring other entrepreneurs and business professionals.

When I first met Dan – he and I were learning how to set up our consulting business for increased profitability and scale.  

I've had a front-row seat to Dan's growth as a business owner and a thought leader.

What makes Dan unique is how much he trusts himself and his ideas. That trust has allowed him to refine his focus on his business to be all about risk and resilience. It also expanded his impact as he became a sought-after speaker, guest columnist, podcaster, and author. 

Today, he is on my show to talk about his latest book, Back 9 Walking, which is undoubtedly his most powerful! In this book, he shares his reflections on mid-life through his experiences, which is exactly what makes a thought leader. He has been an expert advisor to insurance and risk professionals. But his life wisdom gained from losing parents and becoming a grandparent takes his core message on risk and resilience to whole new levels.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • The difference between risk and resilience 
  • How to turn inward and listen to how your inner voice is telling you to pivot
  • How to trust that your ideas have something to offer others and the world
  • How to frame risk in a way that will help you overcome fear
  • Why you can't separate your life and business

Where to dive in: 

[5:36] How do risk and resilience go together?

[11:23] How did Dan get clarity on his business, and how he could stand out in the marketplace?

[19:13] Dan tells Betsy about why he named his new book Back 9 Walking.

[23:37] Dan shares how he tested his book ideas before writing.

[27:44] The difference between a sought-after expert and a thought leader.

[33:07] You can't will yourself into the right mindset. Hear what you need to accept to get to the next level.

[38:20] The advice Dan would have given his younger self. 

Next steps:

  1. Be persistent and be resilient. Then, find the right help to get you to the next level.
  2. Get the Back 9 Walking book at back9walking.com. It's also on amazon.
  3. Book a call with me to clarify your brand position and step into your power, just like Dan! 

About my Guest: Dan Weedin is an experienced entrepreneur, thought leader, author, and award-winning speaker who has a passion for consulting, coaching, and mentoring other entrepreneurs and business professionals. He has the rare ability to translate his success in the insurance industry, public speaking, non-profit world, and athletic coaching into applicable and transferable principles that dramatically improve the effectiveness of those business owners and executives he works with. Dan just published his fourth solo book, Back 9 Walking: A Guide to Living Life Unleashed. The book offers a unique view of risk and resilience in both a professional and personal way. Dan uses personal stories to share ideas and concepts about unleashing your talents and value in the second half of life. You can find out more about working with Dan at his website at www.danweedin.com or buy his latest book at https://danweedin.com/back-9-walking/

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