#28: The Disney Secrets to Exceptional Employee Engagement

podcasts Aug 06, 2018

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Employee engagement is not some sexier new term for employee satisfaction. It's actually a total shift the pursuit of employee happiness towards employee motivation.

Employee engagement is all about to what degree employees are rationally and emotionally committed to the organization that they work for which translates to two key outcomes:

1. To what degree employees go above and beyond for customers and teammates?

2. To what degrees employees want to stay working for the company?

Why You Need to Listen In

In this week's podcast, I share with you what I learned about creating engaged employees from my time as an internal consultant at Walt Disney World. The principles you will learn about are transferable and scalable to companies of all sizes and industries.

The information is essential for consultants (new and seasoned) because at some point you're going to be ask to offer a training program of some kind as a magic silver bullet to solve some of the symptoms of employee engagement such as a high turnover or perceived lack of trust in leadership. When you know all that employee engagement entails and how to create it, you can position yourself to be more than an "order taker" or "extra pair of hands." You can be a strategic advisor who provides systemic and holistic solutions that create the type of employee performance and retention your clients are actually looking for.

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