#10: Here's a Quick Way to Overcome Resistance to Change

consulting matters podcast Aug 06, 2018
Betsy Jordyn International
#10: Here's a Quick Way to Overcome Resistance to Change


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One of the biggest lies we all believe in is that "It's nothing personal - it's just business." The truth is that when it comes to organizational change - everything is personal. 

Changes that impact workflow and organizational structure affect more than process efficiency and the bottom-line. They also redefine the work that someone does everyday, who is on their team and future career opportunities.

Ask anyone whose job was eliminated as a consequence of organizational change - and they will tell you how personal it felt!

Why You Need to Listen to This Week's Podcast

The one thing you need to understand about handling resistance to change is that when it comes to change, it feels to most people, "It's nothing business and it's all personal."

People who resist change are not evil, slow or backwards. Resistance is a natural by-product of how our brains are wired to help us survive. 

In this week's podcast I'll be sharing with you a bit of insight from neuroscience about why it is perfectly natural to resist change so you can better overcome your own resistance as well as your client's. 

When you're done listening in - I got a couple of additional resources for you.

Check out my article "Tips for Managing Resistance" which gives you some tactical strategies you can use with your clients. 

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