#21: The Number One Way to Accelerate Culture Change

consulting matters podcast Aug 06, 2018
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Betsy Jordyn International
#21: The Number One Way to Accelerate Culture Change


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Organizational culture is "simply the way things get done around here." It is made up of the values that the majority of people in the organization hold, particularly those on the senior team, that filter how they take in information and make decisions.

To be clear, you cannot discern what a company's culture is all about by seeing value statements on the website or on the break room wall. Those might be aspirations. True culture is revealed when decisions are being made around what initiatives get funding, who is promoted and what success stories are told.

It is for this reason, culture change is the number one consulting challenge you'll ever face.

Why You Need to Listen In

In this week's podcast from my series "Consulting Matters: Mastering the Art & Science of the Business" I not only share why culture change is so difficult but also the number one way that you can quickly accelerate culture change (and this solution has nothing to do with breakthrough strategies or detailed project plans that take years and years to implement.) 

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