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Many Parts, One Body: The Key to Organizational Health

organizational consulting Nov 07, 2017

“There is one body, but it has many parts. But all its many parts make up one body.”

I created this visual to depict the essence of what it takes to create healthy organizations and sustainable success: respect, appreciation and value of each part of the organizational system.

Every business line matters, regardless of the business model or competitive advantage. A “sales driven” company cannot exist without an amazing operations team who consistently delivers on promises. An “efficiency focused” company’s profits are still fueled by revenue generated through sales and customer service. And no company can stay in business for long without the contributions of the Human Resources, Finance, IT, Legal/Risk teams.

Every role matters, regardless of positioning and compensation. Executives cannot lead without the support of their administrative assistant and direct reports. Managers cannot execute without the contributions of front-line employees. Every employee plays an essential role in the creation of customer value and business results. Every single role – the janitor who cleans the bathrooms to the senior leaders in the C-Suite are essential and deserving of their due credit.

Best Practices for Consultants:

Consider every person who calls you and that you interact with as equally important. When you get a call from a person who may not be your buyer, treat them with the respect as if they were. Give them your attention and value as if they could potentially sign a check for your services not just because that makes good business sense, but because it is the right thing to do.

Best Practices for Change Leaders:

Set up your senior team for success by ensuring all parts of the body have a voice. Do not play favorites because it will affect your success in the long-run because you will run your business in a lopsided manner. If you favor primarily what sales has to say – you may gain revenue but sacrifice profitability. If you favor the efficiency side of operations and finance –  you may save money in the short-run but it will cost you more in the long-run.

The Golden Rule is not some archaic principle but ancient wisdom that APPLIES to business. If you treat your customers in the same manner you would want to be treated, imagine the difference in would make in terms of customer retention, net promoter scores and per customer spend. If you treat your employees in the same manner you would want to be treated, they will be more motivated to stay working for you and going above and beyond for their teammates and your customers.

Everyone matters AND what you do matters to everyone.

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