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Laid off from work? Here's what to do next...

heart & mindset mastery starting a consulting & coaching business Oct 09, 2020
How to Accelerate Your Transition After Getting Laid Off From Work

There is nothing more gut-wrenching than after investing years in a company and a career than getting laid off from work

Your mind gets that it's not about you. You understand the business rationale and the economic conditions that led your company make this decision that is completely changing your life. 

But your heart...that's a whole different story. Unproductive questions about what you could have done differently and fears about the unknown are keeping you at up at night.

Let me give you the clarity that your anxious heart and mind needs: a solid plan for moving forward.

Step 1: Take a Beat and Process What Happened to You

The truth is your layoff is not what it seems to be. On the surface, it may seem to be about how you got blindsided with an unexpected, unwanted job loss. On a deeper level, it's a moment and opportunity to live into your purpose in a stronger way.

You can look at layoff as a crisis or as a wakeup call and invitation towards not just another job but towards creating even greater success...on your own terms.

Sure, the feelings of disappointment and anger suck. The fear of the unknown is very real. 

But what is happening doesn't have to be an experience of everything falling apart. It can be seen as an invitation to your more authentic and happier work life.

Be compassionate towards yourself and accept whatever difficult feelings you have. And from that place of acceptance, you can allow yourself to be hopeful that this is a moment that will change your life in ways that are even better than you imagined. 

Step 2: Pinpoint your Life Priorities

A good career helps you make a living. A great career helps you make a life. 

If you had it all your way, what would a perfect day, month or year look like to you? What type of lifestyle would you be living? What type of work would you be doing? What would your free time look like? 

With that in mind, translate those aspirations into intentions that your next phase of your career ideally should deliver for you.

  • Is it important for you to have opportunities to move up to the next rung and experience the status of a senior executive position? 
  • Or is more important that you take your leadership skills to further the mission of a nonprofit or social benefit organization?  
  • Or perhaps what's emerging in you now is that drive for control over your career, creative freedom, time and earning potential? 

Be honest about what you really want and own it so that you can truly evaluate the best next step for you...right now.

Step 3: Try on Different Futures and See What Fits YOU

There are lots of ways to reinvent your career. The best one supports your total life priorities. The following are different paths your career might take. Try each of them on and see which one bests suits you. 

To decide - go through each option and ask yourself these 7 questions:

  1. If I choose this option, does it fit into what I know to be true about the overall direction of my life and career?
  2. If I choose this option, does it support the ways in which I want to grow professionally, creatively and financially?
  3. How does this option fit with other’s observations of who I am and value I have to offer?
  4. If I choose this option, does it support my broader life goals and priorities?
  5. When I imagine myself choosing this option, do I see it bringing about a deeper sense of life, inner peace and freedom?
  6. When I imagine myself choosing this option, do I experience a growing sense of wholeness and authenticity?
  7. What does my gut say about the rightness of this option, a sense of being in harmony with myself – the person I authentically am in my core?

Step 4: Expect and Embrace Fear

Got fear? Totally normal. How you keep fear from controlling your destiny is not overcoming it or getting rid of it. Instead, you need to engage it compassionately and productively. Listen deeply to what it wants so it will partner with you taking empowered actions towards achieving your new career vision.

Imagine your brain is a boardroom.

Your highest and most authentic self is like the CEO at the head of the table. And all parts of you – the parts of you that are excited about your new career possibilities and the parts of you that are terrified about this venture are all sitting at the table. Now tap into what you already know about running an effective meeting – which is to give all members a voice that is heard.

Proactively engage your fears and give them what they need. Ignoring your fear or pretending it doesn’t exist, which will only make its stronger and more debilitating.

Step 5: Invest in the Right Support

If you want to accelerate the transition process, invest in the right support who can show you the way. Every hero when they find themselves at a crossroads have a mentor

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