#26: Cultivating Integrity at Work

consulting matters podcast Aug 06, 2018
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Betsy Jordyn International
#26: Cultivating Integrity at Work


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In today's podcast, I am going to reveal the one thing that every organization needs to ensure its long-term success and forever sidestep organizational decline. This one thing isn't cash flow or even a breakthrough product line. It's integrity.

Integrity at work goes beyond truth in pricing and ethical financial reporting - but it starts there.

If you think companies need to do better than just hit short-term profit goals, you need to listen in to this week's podcast which will provide two things for you:

1. Validation that your values around honesty, respect and appreciation for everyone's contribution are shared.

2. Expanded perception around all the facets of integrity and what it means to create a sustainably healthy organization.

At the end of the day, a consultant is so much more than someone who provides services to an organization without being a full-time employee or even a strategic advisor. A consultant is someone who speaks truth to power and encourages leaders to make amazing decisions that benefit their entire realm and all of their stakeholders.

THIS is the job we must do with excellence if we are going to make money while making a difference. If you cannot hold our own with high-ego executives and courageously tell them when they are out of alignment with their stated values, we are not fulfilling our purpose and potential.  

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