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Nicole McNeilly’s Guide to Getting Control Over Your Finances

heart & mindset mastery Mar 14, 2024

How to make smart financial decisions to accelerate your consulting or coaching success.

One thing about us consultants and coaches – we LOVE helping people.

Dealing with our finances? Not so much.

But the thing is – our ability to create the impact and lifestyle we want requires us to charge our business finances and I’m not just talking about our revenue. I’m talking about managing our expenses AND setting ourselves up for wealth creation.

(I can see you nodding your head now that I mentioned wealth creation! 😊)

Since I’m like you (I LOVE helping my clients with their brand messaging and strategy), I’ve brought on an expert and my personal Chief Financial Officer – Nicole McNeilly. Nicole is the President of Wolfe Accounting & Consulting and she is going to share with you step-by-step how to manage your money like you’re the CEO of your growing enterprise.

Tune into to discover:

  • [0:04:29]: Why building your financial acumen is as important as your consulting and coaching acumen if you want a sustainably profitable business
  • [0:08:59]: The benefits that installing measures and up-to-date bookkeeping creates (that goes FAR beyond just being well-prepared for tax season)
  • [0:13:22]: The mindset shifts you MUST make as you transition from employee to entrepreneur if you’re going to replace your salary with consistent business revenue (and step into being the CEO of your growing enterprise.)
  • [0:25:17]: What to consider BEFORE you barter services with anyone (especially if you believe in your worth)
  • [0:30:00]: The #1 thing you MUST have BEFORE you establish a business partnership
  • [0:40:50]: Why investing in your business development both makes and saves you a TON of money (and what investments will create the biggest ROI’s)
  • [0:45:25]: How to build your own “on-demand” financial team

Listen in and start figuring out what you need to do to get control over your finances. Your business (and peace of mind) deserves it!


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