#4: 5 Reasons Your Client Hates Change (And Why You Do Too!)

consulting matters podcast Aug 06, 2018
Betsy Jordyn International
#4: 5 Reasons Your Client Hates Change (And Why You Do Too!)


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Change is hard.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably selling you something or in denial.

And the facts are - it really is getting harder.

My evidence - when I first started consulting, it was no problem to get a senior team together for 3 days to plan for strategy and change. Now I'm lucky if I can get them together for 2 hours.

It's not that leaders are less capable or interested in doing the right things today.

It's that they have no bandwidth...at all.

In this episode of my podcast series Consulting Matters: Mastering the Art and Science of Business I will share with you 5 real reasons why change is so much harder today.

Armed with this insight, you will be able to:

  • Better handle situations when you client tells you they don't have the time to move forward with a change that they desperately need
  • Come up with better project plans and recommendations that take into account their starting point
  • Connect with credibility and ask questions that demonstrate your insight into their world
  • Develop solutions to help your clients take action...while respecting their pressures and challenges

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