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Success Story:

Rachel Simeone

"I streamlined my path to paying clients"

Rachel Simeone, a direct marketing executive turned dating coach, streamlined her transition into full-time coaching and created an efficient path to paying clients by partnering with Betsy Jordyn on her Brand Messaging, Visual Branding & Custom Website Design.

Rachel's Transition from Direct Marketing Executive to Profitable Coaching Business Owner


Rachel was a direct marketing executive looking for help on how to market her coaching business. Since she had a full-time job, she wanted a solution that would streamline her process so that she could focus on the things that were most likely to get her paying clients most efficiently. She had been chipping away at her business little by little but wasn’t getting traction.


  • Together we worked through clarifying her ideal client and how to align her services and communication to that client.
  • We worked on website copy that would resonate with her clients (vs. generic marketing messages.) We crafted a logo, icon, color palette, and font pairings that felt just like Rachel.
  • We then integrated these elements into a website design that is both beautiful and strategic.


Rachel seamlessly transitioned from her corporate executive job into full-time coaching business ownership, with a platform and brand that streamlined her path to paying clients.

Rachel's Projects with Betsy Jordyn

✔ Brand Messaging & Positioning
✔ Visual Branding & Logo Design
✔ Custom Website Design

Visual Branding & Logo Design

Logo Design
Color Palette
Fonts & Typekit

Custom Website Design - Sample Pages

Home Page

Services Page

Contact Page

Customized Background

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