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How to Overcome Your Fears & Build a Consulting or Coaching Business You Love (Ep111)

Taking the Leap from Your 9-5 and/or Launching a Consulting or Coaching that Aligns with Your Passions and Strengths is one of the Hardest Career Decisions You’ll Ever Make

That’s why it’s totally normal to have fears and self-doubt, especially around money.

Tune into this episode of the Enough Already podcast for compassionate and practical strategies on how to recognize, embrace, and transcend fear so that you can move toward your consulting and coaching goals with greater clarity, focus, and confidence.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

0:01:00: The legit reasons why growing your own business is both exciting AND terrifying

0:09:56: The psychology of fear and its hidden gifts – what you need to know BEFORE dealing with them

0:13:57: What drives the four fears that ALL consulting and coaching businesses have at some point

0:17:13: The 1 big mistake most people make when dealing with the fear that keeps them stuck and struggling

0:21:57: Why you’ll transcend fear faster if you’re compassionate about them (even if they are causing you heartache)


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