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Want to Start Your Own Consulting or Coaching Business? How to Finally Make It Happen (Ep110)

If you have been wanting to start your own consulting business or coaching practice, but haven’t acted on that dream yet – what’s stopping you?

Is it a lack of clarity on how to make it happen? Lack of confidence that you have what it takes to succeed? Or is it simply a whole lot overwhelmed by all that’s involved?

If you’re ready to overcome all that, tune into today’s episode of the Enough Already podcast for the roadmap for turning the best of your career into a consulting or coaching business you love.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

0:00:38: Consulting vs. Coaching – how do you decide what is the right business for you?

0:01:55: The #1 big mistake people make that absolutely kills their ability to convey the value of what they do with clarity and confidence.

0:09:27: Secrets to a website that attracts, impresses, and converts high-paying consulting or coaching clients.

0:32:01: Why you’ll consistently get more consulting or coaching clients if you build a marketing system, even in a crowded market.

0:39:56: When to transition from a successful consultant and coach to a thought leader.


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