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How to Refine Your Brand Clarity & Messaging with Kamaria Scott [On-Air Coaching] (Ep107)

Do your brand messages feel like they’re all over the place?

Tune in to the Enough Already podcast for with my guest leadership consultant, Kamaria Scott for an “on-air” coaching session. You’ll get backstage look into how I help my clients refine their brand clarity and messaging. You’ll see first-hand how to repackage your corporate job into your consulting or coaching business, get clear and confident in who you want to help and the unique value you create for them, take the most strategic positioning in the market and develop messages that resonate with potential clients and gets them excited to work with you.


0:01:56: The spark that got Kamaria to finally act on her dream of becoming her own boss and start her consulting business

0:05:42: How Kamaria’s passion for empowering managers energizes her business launch and brand clarity

0:27:16: Why Kamaria didn’t need to worry about the competition and how she identified what made her consulting unique and one-of-a-kind

0:46:45: Reasons why Kamaria’s natural voice and style provides the best copy (and NOT professional/corporate lingo!)

0:51:56: How Kamaria and I wound up writing her About page copy – REAL TIME!


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