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#22: What All Consultants Ought to Know About Strategy Development

brand messaging & positioning organizational consulting & executive advising Aug 06, 2018
Betsy Jordyn International
#22: What All Consultants Ought to Know About Strategy Development

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Talk to two consultants and you're likely to get three definitions for strategy. Some define strategy as branding while others think of strategy as goal setting and action planning. And they are both right!

Strategy at the end of the day is a series of tradeoffs and decisions. In order words, strategy is not found on the break room walls or in a dusty binder on the bookshelf. Strategy is ultimately contained in the decisions that everyone in the organization makes.

What you client needs in order to align the team around common decision-making filters depends on where the organization is at its lifecycle. A start up of a handful of people needs something very different than a large organization with thousands of employees and multiple locations.

Why You Need to Listen In

In this week's podcast from my series "Consulting Matters: Mastering the Art & Science of the Business" I share with you how to customize a strategy solution that matches where your client is at it organizational lifecycle. With this information you can right-fit your strategy solution so that it provides your client exactly what they need to grow to the next level. 

Next Step

Do you find yourself longing to make a more strategic impact on the executives and organizations you currently serve?

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