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The Secret Performance Booster for Consultants and Coaches (and it’s NOT more work!) with Julie Griffin (Ep109)

Warning: Ignoring self-care could be sabotaging your consulting or coaching success!

Executive Wellness Coach, Julie Griffin joins us on this Enough Already podcast episode with insights on how prioritizing self-care directly enhances professional performance. She offers effective self-care strategies that not only prevent burnout but also improve mental clarity, physical health, and productivity – essential for consultants and coaches who want to optimize their business success while maintaining and a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

0:02:00: The surprising link between wellness and high performance and why you’ll boost your energy and productivity ONLY if you prioritize self-care

0:06:23: Why thinking that self-care is a luxury and not a necessity is the #1 culprit behind stress and burnout

0:09:41: How to create and implement simple self-care routines for busy professionals that can be easily incorporated into your hectic schedule

0:13:24: Why we really are what we eat and the impact our dietary choices have on our performance and well-being

0:23:48: When to hire a wellness coach for greater health and business outcomes


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