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Transform Setbacks into Success: Building Business Resilience with Richard Citrin (Ep108)

Ready to turn your stress business setbacks into growth opportunities?

Ever feel like setbacks and stress are holding you back from your consulting or coaching potential? What if they could be your greatest asset? On this episode, you’ll hear from business psychologist Richard Citrin on how to thrive in the face of adversity and BECAUSE of adversity. Discover strategies for not just managing stress but preventing it and not just bouncing back from struggles but bouncing forward to the next level of success. Tune in and learn how your setbacks can become your superpower!


0:01:02: The surprising link between resilience and long-term success – and why bouncing back from setbacks isn’t enough

0:03:57: Richard’s 3-part resilience framework is a game-changer for using life’s big struggles to your advantage.

0:19:36: The psychology behind the resilience of 9/11 heroes – and how to apply the principles to your consulting/coaching practice

0:25:12: The sneaky resilience myths that actually trigger MORE stress and block your growth

0:44:29: The #1 strategy behind a resilient mindset and what you REALLY need to bounce forward in the face of adversity (chances are – it’s not what you think it is!)


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