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How to Build Your Consulting or Coaching Brand on Social Media (even if you’re not a fan) (Ep106)

Want to get better at using social media (especially LinkedIn) to build your consulting or coaching brand and get clients BUT you’re not exactly a fan? You’re not alone.

In this episode, you’ll meet several members of my mastermind community who share everything that they learned in our recent “Social Media for Skeptics Challenge” to shift their perspective on social media and create strategies and routines that led to their enhanced success on social media. You’ll hear about how:

Before you give up on social media, especially LinkedIn, as a powerful strategy for building your brand and getting clients or a marketing activity that isn’t in alignment with your values – tune into this episode with my amazing mastermind community.


0:07:16: The sneaky reason why focusing on “likes” and “comments” gets in the way of your social media success (and confidence)

0:09:16: Why you’ll grow your social media network and following ONLY if you embrace being vulnerable and authentic

0:12:04: Does having a professional community matter to your social media success? YES, but not exactly how you might be thinking.

0:15:41: The psychology of high-paying clients – what you need to know BEFORE choosing what social media platforms to focus on

0:17:45: When your social media routines aren’t working, do THIS instead!

0:24:05: My #1 social media strategy that will help you instantly overcome any skepticism or hesitation


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