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Are You at a Crossroads in Your Career or Business? Kathleen Ochab Can Help You Move Forward (Ep105)

Are you a consultant or coach (or thinking seriously about becoming one) and are at a big-time career crossroads and not sure which way to go?

Expert leadership and career coach Kathleen Ochab joins me on the Enough Already podcast to share her pro tips on how to decide which way to go and how to move forward.

Kathleen is a former HR executive turned full-time coaching business owner and brings a wealth of insight about navigating crossroads from her professional experiences and personal life.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

[0:03:27]: Reasons why all growth-oriented professionals will find themselves at critical career crossroads at least once in their career

[0:06:46]: How creating time and space for difficult emotions to express themselves, including fear, shame, and sadness accelerates clarity and confidence

[0:14:17]: When to hire a coach or business mentor (and the real value they bring to your process)

[0:19:35]: The psychology of changing your physical perspective and getting into nature and how it’s a hack out of “analysis paralysis”

[0:22:09]: The 3 types of career crossroads and how to create the right change strategy to ease your transition

[0:33:59]: How to embrace your career crossroads as an invitation to your next best career chapter (no matter how painful the experience that created your crossroads)


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