Robert Kelley


I help ambitious and competitive operational leaders in the hospitality industry create premier products, services, and customer experiences that propel their companies to #1.

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" Betsy's mentoring, end-to-end support and encouragement has been the key to my business success[...] She provided me invaluable help to navigate the nebulous place between corporate leadership and business ownership.

Robert's Business Build Story

Clarity on how to go from corporate leadership to business ownership and the words to describe a lifetime of creating results was the game-changer.


Robert knew for a long time that he wanted to start his own business. He started strategizing and planning but when he finally decided to take the leap, he didn't know where to begin. And he had no interest in trial and error. He wanted to start his business right...the first time.


Once he began working with us, he started to see the clear path from corporate leadership to business ownership. We worked on identifying how he can leverage his Disney background and deep love for the hospitality and theme park industry and to help operational leaders like himself. We co-wrote amazing website copy and through my creative partners, built him a website that matched the depth of his expertise.


After launching his new website, he was able to attract new clients as well as deepen the relationship with existing clients. Today, not only does Robert have an amazing website and clear marketing positioning, he is able to attract clients and partners that accelerate the achievement of his goals. 


Robert's Projects with Betsy Jordyn:

✔ Brand Messaging & Positioning
✔ Website Copy Coaching

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