A Retreat for High Achieving Women to



and Redefine Success

Tucson, Arizona
March 29 - April 2, 2020

Are you a high-achieving woman who has hit the top of your profession and
now wondering what it was for?

Are you starting to ask life's big questions, "Who am I?" and "What do I want?"

If so, join us in Arizona at Miraval where we'll give you a container of self-discovery that begins with detaching from your busy life and refilling your tank because...

...Even Wonder Woman
Gets Tired!

When you join us at Miraval, you'll be immersed in a beautiful all-inclusive retreat center with a mission of living in balance.

Once you land in Tucson - you'll have no decisions on your plate, no one scrambling for your attention and no one's needs to attend to but your own.

Through luxurious accommodations, meditation/yoga classes, five-star healthy dining, exclusive spa experiences and unique mindfulness activities, all of your wants and needs will be fully taken care of for a change. 

You might arrive tired, burnt out, overwhelmed and confused.

BUT, while you're here you'll be immersed in a new found stillness and peace so you'll be able to process the many conversations in your mind.

Through mindfulness-based experiences, group learning and personalized coaching to uncover the core of your future...

You'll leave with the CLARITY that
you're longing for.
You'll create your PERSONALIZED PATH to a life you will
no longer want to escape from.

Ready to Live Your Life Unapologetically?

Of course you are! This is what this retreat is all about.
With the break and mental space you've been longing for you'll uncover what inspires you and what's holding you back from making it real. 

You cannot change what you choose not to confront. 

In this safe place, you can come to terms with this reality and step into the change you know is coming.

In the healing stillness of the gorgeous Sonoran desert, your change process begins by refilling your depleted tank.

We'll give you a custom-crafted itinerary through Miraval's extensive menu of mindfulness-based experiences that will show you how to refill your tank (that go FAR beyond the bubble bath.)

Get Ready to Meet Your Tribe

Your change process continues as you meet and connect with other high-achieving women who get you and live every day with the challenges of trying to have it all.

You'll get lost in authentic conversations ...laugh like you haven't laughed in a while...AND received personalized support from both your peers and expert coaches. 

Through one-on-one coaching, mastermind groups, happy hours and visioning and heart-exploration exercises, you'll be able to uncover the real you and be fully accepted.

You had me at "No Responsibilities!" Sign Me Up Right Now!

The Venue...

Miraval Arizona is more than a retreat or vacation destination. It is an innovative transformational experience that fuses ancient traditions with cutting edge knowledge.

Situated on 400 acres near Tucson’s Santa Catalina Mountains, it offers a healing space with imaginative experiences to help you restore your capacity and spark your imagination around what life in balance can actually look like. 

It is so much more than a location, it is an adjective for the experience and transformation you will have while here!

Moments of synchronicity and epiphanies of clarity happen when you immerse yourself in the Miraval experience.

You'll spent 4 amazing nights in this literal heaven on earth, enjoying its 5-star cuisine, participating in their one-of-a-kind mindfulness experiences, pampering yourself in your selected activities, and having the best sleep of your life.

The list of amazing transformational activities available to you at Miraval is extensive!

Miraval features an Equestrian center, state-of-the-art fitness center, three miles of hiking trails, seasonally-sourced dining, professional challenge course, world-renowned spa and unique yoga and meditation classes. 

There is no end to what you may learn about yourself while with us at the Life In Balance Retreat at Miraval.

As your coaches we help you design a custom program of mindful and restorative activities specific to what brought you to us and what you want to get out of your time with us.

You'll leave Miraval with clarity on what you want to create in your career and your life. And have self-care practices and routines to ensure that you can breakthrough to your next stage of success...without burning out ever again!

The Cuisine...

Let's get this on the table right now - Miraval's food is AH-Mazing!

They approach the dining experience with the same mindfulness as they do everything else at the resort. Even the food is ‘All About YOU.’

Miraval believes in Conscious Cooking. This means going beyond just pleasing the palate. It means understanding where our food comes from, a relationship of gratitude with the people, the land, and the waters that nurture and produce it. The Miraval culinary team expertly combines and prepares their food with a concentrated effort to minimize food waste and reduce the input of food into landfills.

They pursue innovation, flavor and heathy in all of their menus and even their beverages. At Miraval you will find wines from organic & “Vine to Bottle” vineyards including US and International wines, sourced from Organic, Biodynamic, or fully sustainable “Vine to Bottle” vineyards. Miraval even has a special selection of wines from female winemakers, dedicated to Female Empowerment!

From farm to table, leaf to root, beverage to belly the food at Miraval will delight the senses while acknowledging the bounty of our present moment in the delicate balance of our daily lives.

Now Let's Talk About the Agenda

You deserve more than a break. You need to BREAK FREE...

...of the golden handcuffs and the pressure of meeting everyone's expectations but your own!

You'll leave our retreat feeling liberated to create the life and career that is meant for YOU.

You will have a heart-level conviction that the only way to please others is to please yourself first. 

This is how we are going to help you achieve this outcome.

As soon as you sign up for this retreat - we'll schedule a personalized coaching call with you to help you identify your intentions and goals for the retreat.

Using this information, we'll help you custom craft a learning itinerary and help you select the Miraval experiences that will create the biggest value for you and your life.

Every morning we'll meet as a community for breakfast and a short training time. Through motivational lectures and group exercises, you'll get new insights into:

  • The reasons why burnout is inevitable for high-achieving women
  • Real-world strategies for transcending stress and burnout
  • How to hone your internal listening skills around what you want, your greatest strengths and why these things scare you
  • How to decide if you want to change your life or career or change how you show up and experience it
  • What you need to include in an action plan to make your aspirations real

Every day you'll have plenty of time to explore Miraval's beautiful grounds and participate in their unique mindfulness experiences.

There are numerous complimentary experiences included in your resort fee such as:

  • Yoga/mediation classes
  • Farming/gardening classes
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Challenge courses
  • Nutrition
  • Creative expression
  • And so much more

You can also choose (for additional fees) to participate in some of their exclusive programs such as:

  • Equine experiences
  • Spa treatments
  • Spirit and soul work
  • And literally so much more!

On the first night of the retreat, you'll be placed into a small group of women who you can share more of yourself and your heart with.

You'll find these companions to be instrumental support in helping you process your Miraval experience and what you discover about yourself.

Mastermind groups will have time together every afternoon.

As your retreat facilitators and certified coaches, we will be available on call when you need us to process anything that may come up through the Miraval exercises.

You might find yourself aware of new issues, pain or anger and need individual support in this sacred space.

Don't forget - you're on vacation too!

Every evening we'll get together as a community to laugh and share about what we discovered each day.

Our goal is make sure we grab times of happiness and joy as a community every day!


Find Rest for Your Body
and Your Soul

The combination of the training, coaching, community, mouthwatering food, luxury accommodations and the exclusive Miraval experiences we will turn your

Exhaustion into Energy

Confusion into Clarity

Stress into Success...on Your Own Terms

The Bottom Line


By the end of this retreat you will:

  • Get a break from the every day worries to focus on you - your heart and priorities
  • Connect with other like-minded women who get what its like being the only woman in male-dominated professions
  • Develop language and validation for why you're experiencing stress and burnout and no longer love your work or life like you used to
  • Identify where you are on the roadmap from success to significance and what you need most to accelerate your own journey
  • Tap into and harness greater personal power and tools of contemplation to enable you to better handle your own feelings, fears and anxieties
  • Develop strategies for real self-care and what fills YOUR tank and enhances YOUR mental and physical capacity
  • Have clarity on who you are and what you want so you can take the next steps to create greater happiness and freedom

What's Included:

  • Pre-retreat coaching/preparation call
  • Roundtrip transport to/from Tucson airport
  • 4 nights luxury accommodations (private room)
  • Daily rotational breakfast, lunch and dinners from renowned Miraval kitchen
  • Daily group training and mastermind sessions
  • Daily coaching "on-call" access
  • Nightly community happy hours
  • Resort credit to participate in Miraval's mindfulness experiences

What's Not Included:

  • Your round-trip airfare 
  • Additional food and drink (other than what's offered daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Miraval's main dining room)
  • Alcoholic beverages 
  • Miraval fee-based experiences 
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, incidentals, personal phone calls and laundry
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (recommended)



Meet Your Facilitators

Hi, I'm Betsy Jordyn!

My work is all about reigniting the belief that it is possible to make great money doing work that we love. 

I leapt from my dream job at Disney into full-time business ownership because I wanted more in my life than my career. I wanted to be home with my young kids. And I wanted greater purpose with my work.

After trying out many different business models - I finally figured my life purpose: helping other people discover and live theirs.

My coaching and mentoring business is focused on helping smart people turn their purpose into profits.  I am driven to help high-achieving professionals to fully appreciate their strengths, stand in their own power and worth and align their hearts, minds and action towards achieving their highest potential. 


Hi, I'm Rachelle Stone!

My consulting firm R. Stone Consulting has one mission - to help my clients breakthrough to the next level of success...without burning out.

Before starting R. Stone Consulting, I WAS you! I lived in the fast paced corporate world and completely imploded. I then made it my mission to crack the code – and I have - on coming through burnout and career crossroads stronger, smarter and happier than ever.

Through my coaching and advisory services, I now help business owners and executives figure out what the next level is and craft a plan to get there...without losing what's most important to them in their personal life. 

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

We get it! It's hard to put your own oxygen mask on first. Taking this time for yourself is your first step towards releasing yourself from others expectations and prioritizing yourself.

The truth is - if you're at capacity, you probably don't have your best to give your loved ones right now. So this experience is actually the most loving thing you can do because you'll come back to them with more to authentically give vs. the fumes that they have gotten used to!

You will have plenty of time to yourself during this experience. You'll be able to custom craft your perfect days.

Think of the group time as a container and support system that you can access when and how you need it. 

With the exception of the mastermind group time (which your teammates will miss you if you're not there!) all of the other group time is optional.

That said, if you want to achieve the best results, we encourage you to take advantage of all that we have available.


We wouldn't want to share a room with a stranger and we imagine you wouldn't either!

That said - if you are coming to the retreat with a friend and want to share a room and get a discount, let us know immediately so we can work on arranging it. We can't guarantee it but we can try our best!

You'll need to fly into Tucson Airport (TUS). Once dates are confirmed - we'll give you the exact time.

You'll be greeted by a Miraval employee who will transport you to the resort.

We will meet you there and check you in and escort you to your room.

When our session officially ends - Miraval offers return transport as well. Please schedule your departure flight after our session's official end.

What a great idea! If you want to come early - please coordinate directly with Miraval. 

We have set up a comprehensive experience for you. PLUS you have access to not one but two certified coaches. We promise you will be fully supported as you open your mind and heart to new and exciting possibilities for your life!

Yes! Your company will get a huge ROI if you attend. However, this sales page is probably not what you need to convince them. We have a separate flyer you can give them that is framed more with the business benefits. Just email Rachelle Stone at [email protected] and we'll get it to you ASAP with some tips on how to get the buy-in from your leader.

Absolutely! Of course you do. We're happy to jump on a call with you. Just email Rachelle Stone at [email protected] and we'll get something scheduled ASAP.

Miraval is AWESOME! And we help you make the most of it in three ways:

  • BEFORE the retreat: We'll help you choose from the myriad of experiences that will create the biggest transformation...for YOU.
  • DURING the retreat: Experiences like this as often disruptive emotionally and spiritually. You'll have support in the form of peers and expert coaches to help you process all of the feelings and questions that emerge. 
  • AFTER the retreat: We'll help you walk out your intentions in your real life. It's one to go and another thing to LIVE what you learned after you get home. We'll support you as you implement your change. 


Maya Angelou once said, 

“I’ve learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life”

Are you done with just making a living and are ready to start making a life?

If so, we'll see in you at our "Life in Balance Retreat at Miraval!"


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