I created this page to introduce you to personal style and consulting values, along with actionable tips and insight into growing a high-quality consulting business. 

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How to Communicate Consulting
Value Proposition With Confidence

In this video I share with you the BEST way to communicate your value proposition that will enable you to connect with credibility and  to your future clients while making it easy for people to refer you to them. 

5 Steps of a
Consulting Engagement

Do you struggle with knowing what to do once you landed a consulting client? In this video, you'll discover my sure fire consulting approach that will enable you to GUARANTEE the results of your consulting.

Understanding How Organizations Function &
Why Is It Critical

Would you hire a surgeon to operate on you if they didn't know anatomy? Probably not. It is for this reason it is essential for all consultants to master their understandings of organizational anatomy.

What Are Silos and
Why Bust Them

In this video I share with you the reasons why your client might be struggling with silos, why they frustrate everyone and some actions you can take to align and integrate the entire organization.

How to Position Yourself as a Peer to the C-Suite (and stay out the dreaded "pair of hands" trap)

This video shows you how to avoid being seen an "extra pair of hands" and "trading time for money trap" and be positioned as a strategic partner where your earning potential is unlimited.

4 Parts of the
Perfect Consulting Proposal

In this video I share with you the an art and science to writing a proposal and how to ensure your proposal positions you as a strategic partner and increases your chances of landing the deal. 

How Expert Framing & Empathy
Makes You An Instantly Credible Consultant

In this video I share with you my #1 secret weapon to consulting excellence: expert framing and empathy. It is single best way to establish your credibility and to create immediate on-the-spot client value.

It's nothing business...
it's all personal!

Everything at work is personal. Your paycheck, position and perception is very personal. In this video, I expose the importance of relational dynamics at work.

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