Strategic Business Build Course
Strategic Business Build Course
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90-Minute Strategy Session
for the times when you...


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Book a 90-minute strategy session the times you need This is ideal when time is of the essence and you have to make a decision about your business or have a real-time client opportunity. You need this because:

Clarity equals power!

The more clear you are on what you want to achieve and what you need to do to achieve it, the faster and easier it will be to create the results you want. 

What you want:

  • Direction on your ideal career/business
  • Action plan to accelerate achievement of goals
  • Make the most of a networking event
  • Turn an interested prospect into a paying client
  • Validation on your business idea
  • Overcome money and imposter syndrome fears
  • Free yourself from inertia and feeling stuck

Who This is Ideal For:

  • Aspiring, new and seasoned business owners
  • High-achieving, action takers
  • Smart people caught in the nebulous transition between corporate leadership and business ownership
  • Have opportunities to land clients but don't know how
  • Ready to take career/business to the next level
  • Want to use more of best-at strengths and passions
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How Clients Have Used Their Quick Clarity Strategy Sessions:

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Career Crossroads:

Are you in transition? Did you lose your job or is something making your current role intolerable? Are you unsure if you should stay in corporate or start your own business and if so, which one? We can work on identifying possible career paths and deciding which one is right for you.

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Networking Events:

Are you stumped when asked "what do you do?" Do you long for more clarity on how your experience and strengths weave together into a marketable expertise and differentiated business model? We can get started on cracking the code on your business DNA and your core value proposition that will set you apart.

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Proposal Writing & Fees:

Got some client interest in working with you but you're unsure what to charge, how to charge and how to even frame your products and services? If so, we can work together to help you quickly monetize your expertise and land clients at fees that reflect the value of what you bring to the table. 

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Delivering New Consulting Approaches:

Have an opportunity to land a high-paying strategic consulting solution that you have never done before? Want to add more value to an existing client engagement but not sure how? As your backstage coach I show you on how to land and deliver new consulting approaches to instantly grow your compensation.

With Your Quick Clarity Session You'll Receive:

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Action-Focused Coaching Sessions

90-minute guided and structured coaching over Zoom to give you both new skills and action steps. You'll be given pre-work to ensure we make the most of our time together. 

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15 Day On-Call Access

You have unlimited email access to me for follow up questions and handling real-world implementation challenges

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Session Notes & Recordings

I'll take notes for you during our session and we'll record it. Both will be uploaded to a shared Dropbox folder for your future reference. 

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Credit to Use for Any of My Programs

The fee for the 90-minute "Quick Clarity Coaching Session" is $397. If we decide to continue to work together after this session, this fee can be applied to any of my programs. 

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"I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is to work with Betsy. She cuts right to the chase, she helped me 'pivot' in my thinking and my messaging. My confidence in what I have to bring to prospects shot up 100%."

Isabella Johnston
President, Pivot Consulting Group

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"I worked with Betsy to better understand my value proposition and target audiences. I was struggling to clarify and communicate my value; through one-on-one coaching sessions Betsy helped me break through these challenges."

Ali Grovue
Senior Consultant, Ignite Management Services

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