Strategic Business Build Guide
Strategic Business Build Guide
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Custom Solutions to Break Down Team Barriers and
Create Synergy Across the Entire Organization

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Ready to pull your hair out because your leaders and teams aren't on the same page - don't worry. You're not alone.

Every company winds up dealing with silos, especially when they are scaling to the next stage of growth. Different perspectives on what success looks like and how to get there, while frustrating, is actually very healthy and holds the seeds of your next big breakthrough if you can turn your silos into synergy.

The thing is - it's almost impossible to achieve that type of alignment on your own because everyone is just too close to their own point of view. 

That's why if you really want to unify the organization and especially your senior teams, you need an outside expert who is objective, unbiased and can find the through-line between all the different points of view.

This is what my Strategic Partnering services are all about. 

  • Aligning the creativity of Marketing and the efficiency of Operations to a singular customer promise that is made and consistently delivered
  • Balancing the realism of Finance with the idealism of Human Resources
  • Integrating technology and workflow with strategy
  • Aligning boards with senior teams and senior teams with the rest of the organization

Getting ambitious, driven, competitive senior leaders on the same page. That's what we'll create together for you.

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Breaking down silos requires communication within and among teams. It's for this reason expertly facilitated meetings are the foundation of all strategic partnering solutions. The following are the types of silo busting sessions.

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Meeting Facilitation & Executive Team Building

Aligning and unifying the perspectives of the team at the top

My strategic facilitation services ensures you have productive meetings that yield powerful outcomes and shared agreement while making the most of everybody's time and contribution. Got an upcoming strategy retreat, board meeting, new leader transition or executive team building? Contact me and let's make it the best one yet!

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Strategic Partnering Action Sessions

Rapid Resolution of Inter-Team Conflicts

Through large group meetings, we can identify both quick wins and long-term solutions to unify teams working at odds with one another. You'll eliminate the friction, tension and suboptimal performance of working in silos, improve individuals skills and abilities to work across organizational boundaries while setting the stage for increased synergy, product/service innovation, improved customer satisfaction, reduced redundancies and efficiencies and unexpected revenue gains.

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Horizontal Leadership Training

Customized Training Designed to Develop Personally Powerful and Politically Savvy Leaders

Most leadership training is focused on how to help leaders manage their teams or lead up and influence their own leaders. This training is different in that it equips leaders to effectively lead horizontally - with their peers across organizational boundaries. 

Participants will learn how to:

  • Foster their skills around personal influence, social skills and political savvy
  • Become more adept at shaping the thinking of others
  • Grow their listening skills and empathy to better appreciate the value and contribution of other departments
  • Improve their ability to negotiate win-win partnerships for the sake of what's in the best interest of the entire organization
  • Identify new ways to work with other departments to develop product and service innovations
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