But you're concerned about making sure you get a return on your investment before choosing a mentor. I get it! 

Let me tell you what my best clients receive by virtue of working with me. 




 Typical issues resolved:

  • What's my niche?
  • How do I articulate the value that my consulting services create?
  • What's the best way to frame my products and services?
  • How do I set up a website to attract and impress future clients?
  • How do I leverage content to position me as a sought-after consultant and thought leader?

"I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is to work with Betsy. She cuts right to the chase, she helped me 'pivot' in my thinking and my messaging. My confidence in what I have to bring to prospects shot up 100%. Betsy also gives a 100% in value to her clients with delivering knowledge, resources, and feedback. If you choose to work with her, you will become a Betsy Jordyn evangelist also. "

Isabella Johnston
President, Pivot Consulting Group

"Betsy’s program opened my eyes to what I know well and don’t know yet. As a result, I know what’s been stopping me from moving forward in my consulting practice and exactly how to move forward. I now am able to create a business model that will fit from me and own that I able to do it"

Christina Dyer
President, Dyer Consulting

"The best part of this program was the continual reinforcement and message that I have something valuable to offer and to not short change that."

Deborah Ward
President, Ward Consulting

"I consider Betsy the ultimate professional; a true Consultant's Consultant. She is light years ahead of others in her talent and execution in helping others succeed."

Beverly Helton
President, Helton Consulting Group


Typical issues resolved: 

  • How do I set up my business right...the first time?
  • How do I ensure I avoid false starts and wasting time and money?
  • What are the best ways to attract consulting clients?
  • How should I set up my proposals, price my services and land the deal?
  • What are the best practices for delivering results as a consultant?

"I’ve always dreamt about being my own boss. I had been an internal consultant for 20 years but I didn’t exactly know what it meant to be on your own as a one-man shop and I didn’t know what type of consultancy I wanted to have. Betsy helped me really crystalize what type of client I am looking for and the value I offer them. Betsy helped paint the picture, shorten my learning curve and really propel me and set me up for success."

Bill Carl Johnson
President, Bill Carl Johnson Consulting Group

"If you’re looking for a life-changing mentor, Betsy’s knowledge well is bottomless! As an entrepreneur who has a tenancy to spin off in various directions with my head in the clouds, Betsy has kept me grounded while providing a path that leads to results. Betsy is honest, direct, to the point, and keeps me accountable to my goals. If you are on the fence or considering your need for a mentor, Betsy is the obvious choice. "

Jennifer Nixon-Misquez
President, Jennifer Nixon Consulting

"I've had the privilege to know and work with Betsy for nearly 20 years. She and I worked together on Disney's Animal Kingdom's massive re-branding effort many years ago. Currently, Betsy is mentoring me as I launch my consulting business. She has been an absolute joy to work with while I've been on this journey and I highly recommend her to others. "

Robert Kelley
President, Kelley Consulting Group

"I recommend Betsy Jordyn because she made my first encounter with a coach very pleasant!! In addition to being charismatic, her knowledge and experience of the industry is invaluable. In just a few sessions, Betsy was able to diagnose exactly where I needed to concentrate my efforts; then provide very focused guidance for how to engage. After working with Betsy, my confidence as an independent consultant has improved dramatically. "

Frederick Griffin
President, Griffin & Associates


Typical issues resolved:

  • How do I avoid "feast or famine" income cycles?
  • How do I land the higher paying contracts and longer term client relationships?
  • How do I increase my fees while reducing my labor intensity?
  • How do I extend the value of my client partnerships to land additional clients and referrals to new clients?

"Last year, after a 10-year financial plateau, I doubled revenues after working with Betsy. She asked hard questions, pushed in ways I needed to be pushed and introduced me to resources that have proven to be invaluable. Not only was last year the most productive that I’ve experienced, I felt more relaxed and had more time to spend with family."

Christian Muntean
President, Vantage Consulting

"Working with Betsy has had a huge impact on the way I think about my consulting practice. Her experience and approach have brought much greater focus and simplicity to the way I handle challenging and complex consulting engagements. My confidence in asking for high value contracts has increased significantly by employing what she has taught me. "

Laura Gallaher
President, Key Talent Solutions

"Working with Betsy, I developed a better appreciation for the client perspective in any consulting partnership. What decisions do they have to make? What constraints are they facing? What questions do they have that need answers? With Betsy's help, I learned to focus on helping companies solve problems - rather than on just selling my own services."

Anthea Rowe
President, Anthea Rowe Communications

"I have known Betsy Jordyn for almost 20 years and worked with her as my mentor for nearly five years. I have been able to secure a number of contracts and projects as a direct result of the information shared by Betsy. I would recommend Betsy to anyone interested in taking the next step in their business growth journey."

Harold Hill
President, Harold Hill Consulting


Sure when you work with me I'll transform you into a world-class consultant and sustainably profitable business owner. 

But the real value? 

It's giving you that rock-solid confidence in your competence and ability to achieve what matters most to you.

Work/life in your work...impact.

And most importantly: 

Alignment of your work and personal life to
your authentic strengths and true life purpose.


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