Prove to both you
and your future clients
why your expertise has
remarkable value
(and is worth paying for)

Falling out of love with your career was the best thing that ever happened to you.

It was the push you needed to act on your vision of growing your own business.

And now the pressure is on to grow it right...the first time.

No wasted time or money.

No settling for good when you have the potential to be the best.

No more mere success - it's time for significance and true life balance.

That's what I'm here to teach you. 

My highly personalized and in-depth mentoring programs give you the three things you're longing for:

Clarity on how to:

  • Start the RIGHT business
  • Attract the RIGHT clients for you
  • Reduce cycle time to launch
  • Consistently land high-paying clients
  • Make more while working less

Confidence in:

  • Your best-at strengths
  • The rock-solid value you offer
  • Why you deserve premium fees
  • Why you're a sought-after expert
  • Your resilience and courage

Connection with others:

  • Transcend fear & self-limiting beliefs
  • Stay on track with goals
  • Grow faster and achieve more
  • Share best practices
  • Have more fun!

My Mentor Programs
Makes Your Business Visions REAL

"I needed an expert in the entrepreneur space to help me design a strategy around launching my new consulting business. Betsy was the perfect strategic partner! Her expertise combined with her proven best practices, and customized approach helps me attract the right clients by standing out in the market place."

Jahaan Blake
President, The J.Blake Group

"I've had the honor of working with Betsy for over a year now and am still floored by how much I've learned - and how much I still do not know. Her mentoring of those who are growing their practices and honing their skills is truly top notch. She switches from mentor, to coach to teacher in a blink of an eye to help me understand a concept or process in a way that resonates with me every single time. I highly recommend working with Betsy if you have the opportunity!!"

Rachelle Stone
President, R. Stone Consulting & Coaching

"Betsy helped me clarify, concentrate and create. Too many advisors throw solutions at you. Betsy helps you come to your own and come into your own. "

Christina Dyer
President, Noble Purpose Adventures
The Results You Want:
  • Set up a purpose and service driven business
  • Find and connect with your ideal clients
  • Leverage the skills that come most naturally to you
  • Have a powerful response when asked, "So what do you do?'
  • Reduce your spin and questions
  • Be set up for sustainable and consistent success
  • Boost your confidence
What You Get:
  • Your why behind your business
  • Your ideal client archetype(s)
  • Your core marketable expertise
  • Your authentic, clear and compelling brand and value proposition
  • Your key market positioning messages
  • Your business transition and development plan
Who This is Ideal For:
  • Entrepreneurs who struggle with seeing their market value
  • High achieving professionals wanting to leap from 9 to 5 into business ownership
  • Seasoned consulting or coaching business owners ready for the next level
  • Desires to make a difference
  • Enjoys structured coaching & validation from a compassionate and committed mentor
The Results You Want:
  • Words that inspire, convince...and sell
  • Website strategy that creates predictable lead generation 
  • Reduce overwhelm and spin
  • Accelerate your time to launch
  • Improve your brand perception and credibility
  • Positioning to charge premium fees
  • Boost your marketing courage and effectiveness
What You Get:
  • How to write copy (without corporate speak)
  • Your website structure and strategy to attract and convert ideal clients
  • Your headlines and copy for all webpages
  • Your copy quality that turns visitors into fans
  • Your lead magnet that converts interest into engagement
  • Your launch strategy that get your website noticed
Who This is Ideal For:
  • Entrepreneurs with writer's block
  • New consulting or coaching business owners who want to start right
  • Seasoned consulting or coaching business owners who want to up-level their brand perception
  • Wants to build a business that feels authentic and real
  • Would love structured guidance and co-writing support from a creative and committed mentor

"My business is expanding a rate beyond my dreams as a result of working with Betsy. From branding to prospecting and closing, Betsy has guided me, asking the right questions, moving me forward as I fought to hold on to my old ways of thinking. Today I have a new energy for helping my clients and I found greater peace, working less and making more."

Don Knagge
President, 7th Evolution Coaching & Consulting

"I consider Betsy the ultimate professional; a true Consultant's Consultant. She is light years ahead of others in her talent and execution in helping others succeed."

Beverly Helton
President, Helton Consulting Group

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