What if you can create a business that perfectly aligned with your strengths, passions and life priorities?

You can, and I'm going to show you how.

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There is nothing scarier for a high achiever than to
fall out of love with their career.

If you're like me - you chose a career that both challenged you and gave you the opportunity to help others. 

And all of this worked beautifully...until it stopped.

Every day feels like an uphill battle and you're no longer jumping out of bed to head to the office. 

Being on call 24/7, dealing with difficult leaders and never getting relief from the relentless pressure is making you question, "What was it this all for?"

Here's the good news...

Everything isn't falling apart. In fact, everything is coming together for your greater good because there is more available to you than what you have been experiencing...

...more meaningful impact

...more satisfaction

...more connection to what matters most to you

In short - greater success on your own terms. 

I know because I have been in your shoes.

Hi, I'm Betsy!

I am a consultant, business owner and mentor to high-achieving professionals in the midst of a serious career crisis. 

What I bring to you at your sacred crossroads begins with my experience of leaving my high-profile role at Walt Disney World and growing my own successful businesses. 

I also have a system and best practices that you can follow to help make your transition seamless.

But mostly I bring to you my primary gift to the world - my ability to help others make sense of the jumbles of thoughts in their heads so that they can tap into their heart and act on what it really wants.

My clients call me a Brand Whisperer and Vision Alchemist because I am one they turn to find the words to articulate who they are, what they want and the value that they create for others. 

If you're wondering what's next for your career and what's your purpose and true potential, it all starts with:

Your NEXT STEP CLARITY Coaching Session 

In this 90-minute strategy session via Zoom, I'll give you the clarity you need on how your track record and strengths translate into a compelling promise of value that your future clients will want.

Once you start finding the words to describe who you want to help and the value that create - you can more confidently and effectively pursue your next step. 

And if your next step is to start a business - you'll also be freed from unnecessary fear and know how to maximize all future investments of time and money in your business.

My fee for this appointment is $397, which is a small investment given the earning potential and life opportunities creating a your own business can create for you.


“What is it that you bring to the table that your ideal client would not have without you?”

Getting the answer to this question is what we'll be focused on in our Next Step Clarity Coaching Session. 

And once you know in heart and mind the difference your expertise creates - you'll be able to more effectively and efficiently implement the rest of what you need to grow your business.

When it comes to writing copy for your website and framing up your products and services...the words will just flow.

When it comes to responding to that often asked question at a networking event, "So...what do you do?"...you'll know exactly what to say that makes it clear to the person you are talking to if they are your ideal client (or knows someone who is.)

When it comes to developing content for articles, videos, audios and assessments for marketing... you'll stop procrastinating and start creating.

And when it comes to asking a future client to work with you (and pay you what you're worth)...you'll do it without hesitation or apology. 

"Working with Betsy opened my eyes to what I know well and don’t know yet. As a result, I know what’s been stopping me from moving forward in my consulting practice and exactly how to move forward. I now am able to create a business model that will fit from me and own that I able to do it."

Christina Dyer
President, Dyer Consulting

"The best part of this program was the continual reinforcement and message that I have something valuable to offer and to not short change that."

Deborah Ward
President, Ward Consulting

"Although new to the consulting industry, I bring a wealth of experience and education that is worth significant value to future clients...do not be intimidating by asking for what I'm worth."

Frederick Griffin
President, Griffin & Associates

Empowering You With Clarity

Here's How It'll Work:

1. Sign up for and schedule your session

2. I'll send you some pre-work

3. On our call - we'll review your track record and audit your business

4. We'll draw out your unique and differentiated strengths and how they contribute to a promise of value that your future clients will want

5. We'll then custom craft a plan to your accelerated business success

Sound good? Great! Let's get started!


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