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Discover How to Get
Into the Marketing Flow 
to Attract & Land Clients with
Predictability, Integrity & Ease


Discover How to Get
Into the Marketing Flow 
to Attract & Land Clients with
Predictability, Integrity & Ease


New 12-Week LIVE Virtual Group Coaching Experience Starts
TUESDAY, September 28, 2021

Group Coaching Sessions are on Tuesdays at 3 ET


The Marketing Mastery Group Coaching Experience is a 12-Week LIVE action learning experience designed to:

Support while you build YOUR consistent full pipeline of
ideal clients you cannot wait to work with
(who will gladly pay you what you're worth)

If questions about figuring out the best way to get clients are keeping you up at night - this is the program you have been waiting for!

The truth is, it makes perfect sense why this is a struggle for you.

You know how to find a job and negotiate a salary. But marketing yourself to attract clients and how to land them as a consultant or coach?

It's all new.

That's why you need a solution to get out of the "spin cycle", the exhausting hustle for clients and the dreaded time for money trap that keeps you as busy as you were when you were a corporate leader. 

You have no patience for more of those expensive one-off tactics and empty promises to "instantly add six and seven figures" to your income because you know there are no magical silver bullets to long-term success.

No...you want a PROVEN system with routines that you can count on that will put your client acquisition and profits on auto-pilot. 

THIS is what this virtual group coaching experience is designed to give you:

A path to stable and scalable profits so you can permanently ditch corporate and boldly build a consulting or coaching business that delivers both success AND significance. 

What You'll Get in the Marketing Mastery Group Experience

Clarity & Confidence

Choose marketing and sales approaches that you KNOW will attract and convert your unique clients.

Structured Guidance

Master your marketing & sales skills & tools through 12 weeks of LIVE coaching, hot seats & role-plays.

Safe Learning Container

Make meaningful connections with impact-driven consultants and coaches who will uplift you and help you put to rest imposter syndrome and fears.

Real-World Application

This action-learning experience has you creating actual proposals, scripts and marketing plans.
Not just talk - ACTION!

What You'll Create Through This Program

Your Go-To Proposal

You'll design your own perfect proposal template that clearly frames your compelling products & services

Your Pricing Strategy

You'll determine how to set equitable fees for your services and how to get paid for your value (NOT time!)

Your Sales Scripts

You'll figure out exactly what say to turn great meetings into signed contracts (without coming across as "salesy")

Marketing Strategy & Skills

You'll prioritize marketing efforts that will get you in front of potential clients that use your strengths 

Marketing & Sales Routines

You'll create routines that maximize your time and results and keep you focused as a solopreneur

Measures, Goals & Targets

You'll select metrics to track your results and avoid wondering where the next lead is going to come from!


What We'll be Doing Together over 3 Months to Build Your Predictable Client Pipeline

How the Program Works

Training & Guidance

You'll get instant and lifetime access to our signature eCourse, Purpose to Profits. This A-Z, soup-to-nuts program gives you everything to launch and grow your consulting and coaching business.

(Value $2999) Included with your Marketing Mastery Program Fee

Live Group Zoom Calls

(12) 2-Hour Mastermind Sessions with Jen Hamilton

Experience the power of an action learning experience where you can grow your skills and your business, with expert guidance and peer support. Each mastermind session will be conducted via Zoom and will be held on Tuesdays at 3 ET.

(Calls will be recorded in case you miss any)

One-on-One Coaching

You get (2) 45-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Jen that you can use any time during the program. She can help strategically (e.g., finalizing your system, choosing keywords for SEO, etc.) or tactically (e.g., critique LinkedIn profile, handling real-world client opportunities, etc.)

To accelerate your success - you can add on a VIP Day with Jen to build your marketing and sales system (Tier 2) and Betsy to refine your brand messaging (Tier 3). 


Private Online Community

After each mastermind session, session recordings will be uploaded into a private online forum. You'll have this place to ask questions and give feedback.

Hot Seats & Role Plays

One of the hallmarks of this program is the opportunity to role-play and practice your "what I do" statement and Discovery Meeting script. Practice is the fastest way to find and refine the right words that connect and resonate with your clients.

Action Learning

You'll learn the principles and skills of getting clients WHILE you design AND implement your marketing and sales system.

Curated Group Participants

This program is only for consultants and coaches. Our diverse participants serve different industries and clients and share the same values and goals around integrity and service.


What Past Participants Have Accomplished

"This program was exactly what I needed to get my business launched AND positioned to consistently attract clients. Now I’m fully committed to my own success and confident in the value I bring to my ideal clients and what to do on a daily basis to attract clients."

PresidentAyana Knowles Consulting

"I wasted time with starts and stops before I signed up for this program.  This program helped me create a marketing plan with the strategy behind it. No longer overwhelmed but clear and confident in the marketing approach I’ll use and know that if I follow the plan that it will produce results."

MidLife Coach

"I felt like the best kept secret. That there is no other program out there like this, and no other two people that have deep knowledge, expertise, patience, and CARING as Betsy and Jen. I now know what to do each day when I sit down at my desk. I am more confident, less stressed."

President, Dyer and Associates


Tier 1

$4350 Pay in Full

$1500 x 3 payments

Includes: Full mastermind experience with weekly calls, training & community + (2) 45-minute coaching calls

Coach: Jen Hamilton

6 spots available


Tier 2

$6350 Pay in Full

$2166 x 3 payments

Includes: Full mastermind experience + (2) 45-minute coaching calls + VIP Day to build your marketing & sales system using our framework

Coach: Jen Hamilton

4 spots available


Tier 3

$8350 Pay in Full

$2833 x 3 payments

Includes: Full mastermind experience + (2) 45-minute coaching calls + VIP Day with Jen + (1) 2-hour 1:1 coaching with Betsy to refine your brand messaging and positioning

Coaches: Jen Hamilton & Betsy Jordyn

2 spots available


Bonuses Valued at Over $6000

Guest Speakers

Additional training with guest experts on setting up a podcast, designing webinars, creating a visual brand, getting found online, and more.

Value = $2500+

LinkedIn Course

You'll get access to our NEW course on how to use LinkedIn to grow your visibility and establish authentic client relationships.

Value = $999

50% Discount on Visual Branding

Let our team create for you a world-class visual brand identity and assets that convey the depth of your expertise...at a substantial discount.

Value = $1999++

Resource & Tech Training Library

Get access to our curated list of recommended resources for running your business and practical tutorial training on how to use them.

Value = $699


Let's talk about the VALUE you'll get through this virtual coaching experience.

You'll go from Best-Kept Secret to

Sought-After Expert


With your client attraction on auto-pilot, you'll:

  • Free yourself from the constant hunt and hustle for clients
  • Stabilize and grow your income
  • Dramatically increase your per contract and per client fees
  • Reduce or eliminate wasting time and money on marketing tactics that don't work
  • Attract more of the right clients who you really want to work with (and who genuinely need you)
  • Become more strategic about what clients you say "yes" and "no" to
  • Position yourself as an expert worth premium fees

But the real value?

You'll experience a deep peace of mind that you are doing what you’re supposed to do to attract leads, which will translate to less stress, angst and questions about whether you have what it takes to run a successful business.

What More Past Participants Accomplished

"I am a very process-oriented person, so the structure was welcome!  I doubted they could really deliver on ALL that was included - but alas - they deliver EVERYTHING you need to be successful. I gained confidence. I learned new skills. I learned a ton about myself."

CEO, Heather Havey Consulting

"I'm that type of person that all like to help other people, but with marketing I hate to talk about myself.  Now, I have a marketing system that has turned my desires to help others into reality as a result of my time with Jen. I can focus on what I love to do, while the system does the rest."

President, Doevendans Consulting Group

"I could not articulate who I was and what I had to offer clearly.  Jen provided me direct feedback and insights into ways that I could perform at a higher level with lower stress which was invaluable. I confidently land two clients that I had completely written off under contract."

President, Marty MacPhee Consulting

Hi! I'm Jen Hamilton... your mastermind guide.

Like many of our clients, sales and marketing didn't come naturally to me when I first left my CPA firm and starting my consulting practice. I struggled for years until I discovered Betsy's relationship-based marketing and sales frameworks, which empowered me to transform my client acquisition and achieve close rates of 90%++.

I got so hooked on the art and science of attracting and landing clients, I closed down my own consulting business to join the team at Betsy Jordyn International. Now I am thrilled to bring my love for training and equipping others and save them from my expensive and time-sucking mistakes. 

In this mastermind community, I'll give you a safe place to overcome your frustrations and discomfort about sales and marketing and create processes and easy routines that will get your client acquisition onto auto-pilot so you can get out there and make the difference you were born to make!

Frequently Asked Questions

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