Len Doevendans


I help companies break into international markets by improving sales leadership and team performance.

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" This program is well worth the investment.[...] I'm so much more clear and confident - I know for a fact that I can make a difference.

Len's Business Build Story

"My initial setup was not on par for two reasons, it was not attracting clients nor was my expertise recognised by the reader. I was struggling to articulate my offering. When clients did visit my website I would make an excuse it was not ready, I always felt insecure about my messaging and positioning.

I invited virtual assistants to support me in creating content which at first looked good, but when it was integrated there was no clear flow. Because I used multiple entities, the messaging got lost which made the integration of the positioning unclear and not consistent. I felt uncertain and reluctant to launch my website.

Now, I am so much more clear on my messaging and positioning and my confidence is so much higher.  I actually feel I can make a difference."


Len's Projects with Betsy Jordyn:

✔ Brand Messaging & Positioning
✔ Website Copy Coaching
✔ Visual Branding & Logo Design
✔ Custom Website Design
✔ Marketing Mastermind
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Logo Design
Logomark & Favicon
Fonts & Typekit

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