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All our programs are designed to show you how to bring your dream consulting or coaching business to life and achieve predictable and powerful results



The Start Right course is what seasoned consultants and coaches say they wish they had from the very start of their entrepreneurial journey! You'll discover how to get started, which business model works best for you and how to set up your business for sustainable success (WITHOUT wasting time or money on false starts and rework). 




Purpose to Profits is the only program of its kind that shows consultants and coaches the best way to monetize your best-at strengths and passions. You'll learn how to clarify your value, articulate what you do, build a website, implement your custom marketing system, and learn to land clients that fuels higher profits and your higher purpose. 


Success Stories

What Clients Have Said About This Program:

"This program acts as a one-stop, which saved me time and money. No more Googling to websites that answer one or two questions. This A to Z system showed me EXACTLY what to do (and as importantly what NOT to do) to start and grow my business."

Heather Havey
CEO, Heather Havey Consulting

"Having one place to go that is guiding me soup to nuts on how to grow my business has freed me up to focus on what I want my business to be all about. I no longer have to piece together resources - I have a single place to go that is inclusive and shows me exactly what to do."

Jaime Shearer
President, Jaime Shearer Coaching

"This program gave me a head start in my business, providing capabilities that would have taken me months to stumble through on my own. I now have a platform for a prosperous future."

Dave Saliaris
President, Saliaris Consulting Group

"As an entrepreneur who can spin-off in various directions, this program has kept me grounded with a path that leads to results. It helped me identify and refine my personal brand, articulate my value and give me invaluable guidance in developing my business."

Jennifer Nixon Misquez
President, Nixon Consulting

"This program showed me how to dig deep and truly discover who I was so that I could discover who I was meant to serve. It changed the future of my business and in doing so, has helped me to become the women I have desired, for so long, to become."

Sarah Gleeson
President, Sarah Gleeson International

"One of the most liberating effects of this program is that now I can be more of who I am and use more what I know. Now I see where my expertise fits in and go for the projects where I'm truly happy to contribute, instead of just taking what's available to get by.

Helena Gallbo
President, Gallbo Consulting



You can confidently take your place as an advisor to the C-Suite and navigate the complexities of working with high-ego executives without being aggressive - and this program will help you do it. Because your relationship skills are the key to becoming the most powerful person in the boardroom. Intrigued? Get started now with my proven frameworks and tools that I personally used with clients such as Disney, Wyndham and AAA.


Success Stories

You too can become the most powerful person in the boardroom...

"Last year, after a 10-year financial plateau, I doubled revenues after working with Betsy. She introduced me to resources that have proven to be invaluable. Not only was last year the most productive that I’ve experienced, I felt more relaxed and had more time to spend with family."

Christian Muntean,
President, Vantage Consulting

"I am impressed with the quality of what I have received. I have been able to secure a number of contracts and projects as a direct result of the information shared by Betsy. I would recommend Betsy to anyone interested in taking the next step in their business growth journey."

Harold Hill,
President, Harold Hill Consulting

"This program had a huge impact on the way I think about my consulting practice. It brought much greater focus and simplicity to the way I handle challenging and complex consulting engagements. My confidence in asking for high value contracts has increased significantly."

Laura Gallaher,
President, Key Talent Solutions

"The Consultant’s Toolbox has been a fantastic resource for me. It’s the best source of information and education for consultants that I have come across. I’ve already used the information to help my business and I keep the cheat sheets ready to go on my phone."

Ron Higgs, 
Founder and Principal Consultant, 
Wolf Management Solutions

"Through this program, I developed a better appreciation for the client perspective in the consulting partnership.  What questions do they have that need answers? With Betsy's help, I learned to focus on helping companies solve problems - rather than on just selling my own services."

Anthea Rowe,
President, Rowe Communications

"Betsy’s Toolbox provides the practical knowledge you need to feel confident in the practice of being a consultant. Completing it is like an MBA but with real tools, you can use immediately."

Dave Saliaris, 
CEO, Saliaris Consulting Group

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