Website Copy Clarity

Overcome Writer's Block and Get into the Flow
so you can FINALLY Launch Your Dream Business

(and Start Making Money Doing What You Love!)

Let's work together to accelerate your ability to get your business ideas out of your head and manifested on your website that is poised to attract your perfect client and impress the heck out of them the the point that they say, "Where have you been? I need you!"

I will provide you the training, tools, structure, accountability and hands-on writing support to keep you on task and focused on getting your website copy finished. 

You'll have everything you need to build a credible website that is fully at work as your 24/7 sales force - generating and converting right fit leads and establishing your credibility as a sought-after expert and thought leader.

The Results You'll Create:

  • Website copy and strategy that  consistently attract, impress and convert ideal clients
  • Reduce overwhelm and spin
  • Descriptions of your products and services that interests and engages future clients
  • How to write about yourself without feeling like you're just writing about yourself
  • Accelerate your time to launch
  • Improve your brand perception and credibility
  • Positioning to charge premium fees
  • Boost your marketing courage and effectiveness

Who this program is for:

  • Entrepreneurs with writer's block
  • New consulting or coaching business owners who want to start right
  • Seasoned consulting or coaching business owners who want to up-level their brand perception
  • Wants to build a business that feels authentic and real
  • Ready to ditch fears of being seen and not having what it takes
  • Driven to create stable and scalable profits
  • Tired of "hit or miss" client attraction
  • Would love structured guidance and co-writing support from a creative and committed mentor

What's Included in Your
Copy Clarity Coaching Program

Why Copy Matters

Our work together starts with uncovering the sneaky reasons for your writer's block and how to turn it around. I'll help you apply the #1 thing you need to write powerful and engaging copy to build a business that you and your clients will love. We'll also go over the game changing approach that guarantees your website strategy and connects with your client's hearts, minds and guts.

You'll discover how to unlearn corporate speak and start writing like you again.

Hero Headlines That Are Heroes (and Not Zeroes)

Ready to write hero headlines on your website pages that beg to be clicked? Using headline writing prompts -  we'll go through each of your website pages to ensure you have a headline that sets the focus and tone for the rest of the page.

We'll use this headline writing promise to guide your ability to create the rest of your website copy.

Making Your Visitors Feel at Home on Your Home Page

We'll create website copy for your homepage that turns first-time visitors into long-term raving fans. 

You'll learn all about lead magnets and how they are the key to making your website convert and brainstorm what your future clients will find irresistible. 

The About You Page That's Not All About You

Ready to transform lame and boring corporate copy into words that connect (and sell)? I'll show you why you never have to worry about your About page being salesy and shamelessly self-promoting. We'll work together through my engaging framework that makes it easy to talk about what you do and why your future clients needs you!

Creating a Profit Plan for You and Your Clients...At the Same Time

I'll expose to the reasons why focusing on your selling your services on a website kills sales and why being selfish is the only way to serve your clients. I'll help you frame your services so your future clients say, "YES!! I want to learn more!!"

Becoming a Master Social Proof Storyteller

I'll show you why social proof soothes your future client's soul and how to invite your future client's into their ideal future on your results page. I'll give you the power questions you need to ask to get compelling testimonials and help you write epic case study stories.

Launch Your Website

We'll overcome myths and mindset traps you might have about marketing so that you can confidently put the finishing touches on your website and create a launch strategy that gets everyone (especially your next high-paying client) to take notice.


You Also Get

Structured Coaching  & Co-Writing Sessions

8 highly structured and focused coaching AND co-writing sessions on Zoom (60 minutes each)

Notes & Recordings

A shared Dropbox folder will be used for notes and video recordings from each session

Business By Design eCourse

You'll get forever access to a comprehensive eCourse that takes you by the hand from idea to business launch to reinforce your brand building work and guide you through website writing and launching your business.

2 Months of Unlimited Access

You get unlimited email, text or phone access for website writing critiques and reviews

Writing Prompts & Guides

I'll completely demystify the website writing process by giving you fill-in-the-blank templates and writing guides

Personalized Support

My goal is to give you whole person support as you walk through self-limiting beliefs about the being seen and having what it takes. No more imposter syndrome! You're the real deal. You'll believe me when we're done with this program.

Get Your Business Ideas Out of the Clouds and Onto the Road to Results

Your Investment is $5500

Payment Plans are Available.

Consider the Value of Having a Credible Website that Converts!

"Betsy is mentoring me as I launch my consulting business and her end-to-end support and encouragement have been the key to launching my business. She has been an absolute joy to work with while I've been on this journey and I highly recommend her to others who are trying to navigate this nebulous place between corporate leadership and business ownership."

President, Robert Kelley Consulting

"I had a vision for my business but was stuck when it came to writing website copy. Betsy helped me see that I needed to further define my ideal client, better articulate my value proposition and identify the features and benefits of my services. The mentoring process she employed enabled her to pull this information out of my brain so that we could package it effectively - on my website, when networking and through content marketing. Betsy truly is a master at making the invisible visible!"

President, Susan Seymore

"I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Betsy as I embark on a new career path. She knows how to start a business, how to run it and how to SUSTAIN it which is the key to success. She takes the time to get to know her clients and tailors her mentoring to match their needs. I couldn't have achieved so much in such a short period of time without Betsy."

President, Lori Smith Consulting


"Betsy's approach is more than just a helping hand to give you a head start in your business. She provides end to end capabilities that would have taken me months to stumble through on my own accord. The journey has shaped my business, inspired individual growth and set the platform for a prosperous future. With Betsy in your backcourt you can't help but create rich value for your clients."

President, Saliaris Consulting Group

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