Replace the Chase for Clients by

Turning Your Great Ideas into Remarkable Content that Opens Minds, Hearts & Wallets

Get Personalized Guidance and Training to Transform Your Online Presence into a Lead Generating, Credibility Building Machine

It's time to stop chasing clients and attracting the RIGHT ones to you.

And you know getting there has to do with creating content.

But, you're not quite sure how to do that.

  • You know you have a lot of ideas bouncing around in your head but...you still don't know what to write about.
  • You're ready to start sending out emails and posting on social media but...you're unclear what to share and in what format.
  • You sit down to write a blog but you stop yourself because...your writing feels too stiff and you worry if it's all been said already.
  • You'd like to get found online but...the whole SEO thing seems so mysterious and overwhelming
  • And worst of all you worry that if you started creating content and the response was crickets...the rejection would be humiliating.
And so you stay stuck, spinning in perfection and analysis paralysis...

...I get it and am here to help!

Hi, I'm Betsy Jordyn.

I'm a Brand Positioning Strategist for Remarkable Consultants and Coaches and their Unique Strengths.

I created a unique and highly personalized content creation VIP experience designed to help you get your great ideas out of your head and manifested into remarkable content and a body of work that serves two purposes:

1. Ensure that you can consistently attract the RIGHT clients to you who are already warmed up and ready to work with you

2. Provide you the platform and means to evolve into a sought-after expert and thought leader

Through a combination of coaching, training, and content creation implementation support, you'll be equipped with the key that will unlock both your income AND impact goals. 

Book a call with me today to get started on building your lead generating, credibility enhancing and industry changing content marketing machine.


Here's how it works...

Content Strategy VIP Day

First, we'll work on your strategy. Through a 3-hour Zoom session, we'll:

  • Mine the content you have already created - including frameworks and presentations you did in your 9-5
  • Identify the core message which is your viewpoint or big idea behind your consulting and coaching
  • Determine the best container for delivering your message such as a blog, podcast or YouTube channel
  • Brainstorm 60 to 90 days worth of content ideas

Content Training & Platform Set Up

Next, I'll equip you for templates, tools, training and hook you up with my vetted content creation partners to help you:

  • Set up your blog, podcast or YouTube channel
  • Produce audios, videos and articles/blogs
  • Format content for engagement and to get found online
  • Increase your content quality while reducing the time it takes to create it
  • Identify opportunities for repurposing content

On-Call Access & Accountability

To ensure that you stay on track with your content goals, you'll get six months of direct access to me:

  • Monthly strategy coaching calls
  • On-call access via email or WhatApps to review and critique your content
  • Sounding board and brainstorming buddy to make sure your content delivers on your message and conversion goals


What you'll create by the end of this program...

Remarkable Content

that reflects your unique consulting and coaching point of view and the change you want to see in the world

Content Container

that is the place where you can showcase your ideas, get in front of the clients you want to help and add value to their lives

Body of Work You're Proud Of

that reflects your hard-won wisdom and best practices generated from your real-world professional and life experience

Because you'll be getting...

Personalized Strategies

for getting in front of YOUR ideal clients and helping YOU personally get found online

Training & Guidance

that makes it easier for you to get your ideas out of your head and manifested into content

Implementation Dream Team

who will help you improve the effectiveness of your content and have more fun creating it!


Forever Ditch the Chase for Clients!

Attract the RIGHT Ones to you...

...Using your great ideas and desire to make a meaningful difference!

With the personalized support and guidance you'll get from me and my content creation implementation team, you'll:

Produce content 2-3x faster and 10x happier

No longer will spend a full day agonizing over a single blog or social media post. You'll have support and training to start churning those ideas out of your head without the analysis or perfection paralysis. 

Free yourself from the chase for clients

You'll have the strategies and skills on how to use the magic of search engines to literally attract clients to your website, who are already warmed up and looking for a solution like yours!

Build your brand authority and credibility in the market

Experience the thrill of creating a body of work that reflects your hard-won wisdom and best practices that others recognize as important and valuable and the premium positioning and fees that go along with it. 

Share your message and make a difference

Experience the satisfaction that comes when your ideas that you boldly shared creates change in the lives of people you haven't even met yet. Think of the force multiplier you are going to become!


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