No pie in the sky promises here - just PROVEN step-by-step systems for building a consulting practice that will get you clients like Disney, Wyndham and AAA

Ready to Take Your Place as a Sought-After Consultant to the C-Suite?

The Consultant's Toolbox is a groundbreaking online program for both new and seasoned consultants who want to make a serious impact working with executives while growing their own compensation. 

Through videos on demand and a treasure trove of proven consulting best practices and tools (that I personally used with clients like Disney), you'll have everything you need to confidently land high-paying strategic consulting solutions and deliver results with excellence (without having to invest years in grad school!)

Price: starting at $197


Don't settle for being treated and paid as "extra pair of hands." Take your place as a respected advisor to the C-Suite!

In my dynamic eCourse and guidebook "Organizational Consulting 101," you'll get my insider secrets to working with senior leaders in world-class companies like Disney, Wyndham and AAA.

This program is for internal and external consultants who need help establishing their credibility and landing more strategic consulting projects.

Price: $39


Struggling with finding clients and articulating your expertise?

Get a proven marketing process that empowers you to achieve consistent lead generation...using the power of your unique strengths and experience. You'll uncover where you fit and stand out in the crowded consultant marketplace and how to find the words the describe what you do in a way that your future clients will find irresistible. 

You'll stop playing small and sidestep the hustle for gigs and learn how to attract your ideal clients with ease and integrity.

Price: $29


Confidently Turn Great Meetings into Signed High-Paying Contracts

If you want to free yourself from the "time for money" trap and the feeling that you're recreating a salary instead of building a business - THIS IS THE TRAINING you have been waiting for.

I'll show you how to use your relationship skills to position yourself to be paid for your expert advice (vs. your time and project management skills.)

You'll discover the smart strategies for making more money and a bigger difference WHILE working less as a consultant. All without resorting to shameless self-promotion or slick pricing techniques that make you feel ick about yourself.

Price: $49


Turn your 4-Figure Leadership Training Contract into a 5 and 6-Figure Engagement

If advising and growing leaders in one of your goals for your consulting, this comprehensive resource guide will give you EVERYTHING you need.

It provides a talent development framework and system that both new and seasoned consultants can do. With the dozens of swipe files and tools, you'll be able to have what you need to see yourself confidently land and deliver high-end, high-paying leadership development solutions.

Stop the chase for small-paying training gigs. Get my 166-page guide and start landing high-end and high-paying strategic leadership solutions.

Price: $19.99


Get Your Crash Course in Systems Thinking

Learn the Steps to Organization Design

Organization design is one of the most powerful, yet under-utilized, tools for improving performance. In this eBook, you'll discover 10 smart strategies to help you to lead your clients through organization design.

If you're ready to master this high impact business performance solution (while setting yourself up as a strategic and credible consultant), download my free ebook now.

Price: FREE


Turn your Dream of a Six-Figure Contract into Instant Reality

Get the playbook to leading an organization design initiative.

Fact: Each organization design contract I have landed yielded at least 6 figures.

Fact: Most consultants don't know how to lead this type of transformational change and leave money and opportunity on the table

Fact: My guidebook will change all of that. This guidebook is the ACTUAL resource manual I used with my clients at Disney, Wyndham, StarTech.com, Sparton, and many others all around the world.

It's proven. It's got all the meeting agendas, worksheets, templates, and tools that will empower you to confidently go after and land this six-figure consulting solution.

Price: $19.99


Go Behind the Scenes of How Disney Creates Guest and Cast Relational Magic

I created this eBook to share the principles I pulled upon to help the Disney operations team take its already legendary guest and cast experience to the next level. Your clients don't need the Disney brand or resources to thrill their customers or have employees who deliver exceptional performance. What they do need are smart strategies to get everyone in the organization on the same page - making and delivering the same customer promises. And you're the consultant who can help create those smart strategies once you download this free eBook. 

Price: FREE


Find the Words to Describe What You Do

Create your Credible and Compelling "What I do" Statement

I wrote this eBook to give the instant answer which is NOT just going out there and getting clients. Your first step is EXACTLY what you think it is - weaving together your experiences and strengths into a promise of value that your future clients want and will absolutely pay for!

This book is for new consulting business owners who want to start their businesses right or seasoned consultants who want to attract more right-fit clients. 

Price: FREE



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