Actionable Ideas & Tips on How to
Catalyze Organizational Change and Transformation


Actionable Ideas & Tips on How to
Catalyze Organizational Change and Transformation

#1: Have Trouble Connecting with High-Level Buyers? Here's What To Do.

In this podcast series I will show you how to consult to highly influential leaders in the C-Suite. You'll learn how how to optimize your credibility and earning power.  LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#2: The Art and Science of Consulting to Change

Organizational change is not just about project plans and dealing with resistance. If you want to offer real solutions you have to help your clients balance the art and science of change. LISTEN/READ MORE >>

#3: How to Overcome Your Client's #1 Fear About Change

When your client balks at your fees or says they don't have time for your solution, more often than not they aren't telling the whole story. Find out what they are REALLY objecting to. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#4: 5 Reasons Your Client Hates Change
(And Why You Do Too!)

Everyone hates change (even if they say otherwise). Find out why change is so much harder today and how to help your clients do the right things for themselves and their business. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#5: What Everybody Ought to Know About The
3 Types of Organizational Change

When it comes to consulting to change, one size DOESN'T fit all. In this post I'll explain the three types of change (and the right tools) to help you dramatically enhance your client results. LISTEN/READ MORE>> 

#6: What Everybody Ought to Know About the
4 Types of Change Agents

Change is a given; growth is an option. It's the change leaders that make difference. Discover the 4 types of change agents and how your role as a consultant to change fits in. LISTEN/READ MORE>> 

#7: How to Lead Change
without Authority

Consultants lead change without positional authority. They only have influence to draw on to get results. In this podcast I will show you how to maximize your effectiveness in this unique role. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#8: 5 Reasons Why EVERY Consultant
Needs Systems Thinking

 Just like doctors need to understand human anatomy to heal their patients, consultants need to understand organizational "anatomy" to create change solutions that stick. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#9: 5 Reasons To Love
Corporate Politics

When it comes to corporate politics, do you prefer to avoid it? If you want to consult to change, political savvy isn't an option, it's essential. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#10: Here's a Quick Way to Overcome
Resistance to Change

Resistance to change is a natural by-product of how our human brains are wired. In this podcast, I share strategies to help your client move from reactive to responsive. LISTEN/READ MORE>> 

#11: How to Position Yourself as a
Credible Consultant

In this podcast, I introduce you to the best way to position yourself as a credible consultant. You'll learn how to earn the right to pivot them from what they want and to what they really need. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#12: Who Else Wants To Make
Marketing Effortless and Fun?

Marketing is a rewarding aspect of your consulting delivery. In this podcast, you'll discover that marketing isn't a necessary evil but a way to serve your future clients. LISTEN/READ MORE>> 

#13 3 Steps to Landing
High-Paying Contracts

Need consulting contracts but hate sales? Discover an approach to landing clients without shameless self-promotion and aggressive pricing techniques. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#14: 7 Steps to Establishing Credibility With Your Next High-Paying Client

Wonder what to do or say when a potential client expresses interest in working with you? This podcast will show you exactly how to make the most of this critical opportunity. LISTEN/READ MORE>> 

#15: 5 Ways To Pivot Your Client From Solution Wants to Business Performance Needs

When it comes to consulting, the client isn't always right. Learn how to get your client to articulate their real business goals and why they truly need you. LISTEN/READ MORE>> 

#16: Framing and Empathy (the Little Known Way to Establishing Consulting Credibility)

In this podcast I share the one skill that will transform your consulting effectiveness: Framing & Empathy. This is all you need to establish credibility and trust. LISTEN/READ MORE>> 

#17: Here is a Method That Is Helping Consultants Land More High-Paying Contracts 

 Need to earn more money from your consulting but hate sales?  In this podcast, I show you how to become a proactive advocate - the sane and integrity-filled way to landing clients. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#18: If You Can Follow a Recipe, You Can Deliver a Six-Figure Consulting Engagement

You landed a client, now what? In this article I will show you the best way to create dramatic client results, while positioning yourself as a long-term strategic partner. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#19: Top Solutions Every
Consultant Should Know

Looking for all the ways you can deliver your expertise as a consultant? In this podcast I'll give you the big picture of the most significant and strategic consulting solutions. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#20: How Good Companies Grow into
World-Class Market Leaders 

Want help getting your clients to buy-in to what they need to do in order to become a world-class market leader? Learn best practices for to help your clients to grow to the next level. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#21: The Number One Way to
Accelerate Culture Change

Looking for a smart way to help your client with culture change? In this podcast I share with you the single best strategy to help your client quickly transform its culture. LISTEN/READ MORE>> 

#22: What All Consultants Ought to Know About Strategy Development

Want to create the perfect strategy solution for your high-paying client? In this podcast, I share with you how to design a customized strategy solution. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#23: 5 Cutting Edge Organizational Structures Your Growth-Oriented Clients Need

Looking for ideas to help your ambitious clients adapt their organizational structure as they grow? In this podcast, I give 5 structure options they MUST consider. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#24: 3 Reasons We Need to Stop the Myth That Everyone Is a Leader

In this podcast I share why the myth that "everyone is a leader" is ruining organizational performance (and what is actually needed to improve leadership excellence.) LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#25: The Disney Secrets to
Performance Excellence

Listen in to my podcast to learn the Disney best practices for operational, leadership and employee performance excellence.  LISTEN/READ MORE>> 

#26: Cultivating Integrity
at Work

Do you want to help your clients with more than achieving short-term numbers? Learn how to integrity is the key to creating healthy workplaces and avoiding decline. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#27: The Disney Secrets to
Customer Service Excellence

Listen in to learn how Disney creates magical guest experiences that motivates its customers to pay top dollar and experience its products and services time and time again. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

#28: The Disney Secrets to
Exceptional Employee Engagement

Want proven best practices to help your clients enhance employee engagement? This podcast will show you Disney best practices to creating committed and productive employees. LISTEN/READ MORE>>

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