Strategic Business Build Guide
Strategic Business Build Guide
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End-to-end business growth systems that gives you
EVERYTHING you need to
launch your own business,
attract and land clients, 
AND deliver results with excellence.


The Consultant's Toolbox

The A-Z System for Consulting Excellence

This 6-module consulting success system that takes you by the hand through each stage of your consulting engagement cycle - from landing clients through delivering and measuring results.

It goes well beyond theory and gives you actionable guidance and best practices on how to navigate the complexities of corporate politics and client resistance while equipping you with over 50 ready-to-use tools and swipe files that I have personally used to land and deliver multiple six-figure contracts.


Business By Design

Build a Strong, Powerful and Resilient Business Foundation That Positions You as a Sought-After Expert

This 5-module programs gives you the skills, strategies and tools you need to turn your business vision into profitable reality.

Whether you're brand new to to consulting/coaching business ownership, want to turn around your stalled results or take your success to the next level - this program provides you the crucial elements vital to your success. 


Consulting Skills Practice Sessions

Practice & Master Critical Consulting Conversations

World-class athletes do it, Oscar winners do it and consultants should do it too! The one thing that separates the best of the best isn't talent or even ambition. It's their willingness to put time into practice. For athletes, it's the hours in the gym. For Oscar winners, it's rehearsals. And for consultants and coaches - It's my Consulting Skills Practice Sessions!

With a small group of your peers, you'll participate in weekly LIVE group role play to hone your ability to deal with the complex relational and political dynamics that come along with consulting.

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