empowering you with
everything you need to succeed as an

Executive Advisor and Organizational Consultant


The Consultant's Institute is a virtual action-learning community designed to equip and empower purpose-driven professionals with the knowledge, skills AND ready-to-use tools to help them both land and deliver high-end, high-impact and high-paying consulting engagements.

Unlike grad school that gives you lots of theory or consulting training programs on contracting that leave you hanging on what to actually DO with a client - I give you actionable, real-world best practices that I have developed and honed through my over 20 years of consulting to world-class organizations like Disney, Wyndham and AAA.

Through my comprehensive step-by-step training and tools, I'll decode the mystery of working with executives and show you how to position yourself as THEIR sought-after trusted advisor.

Last year, after a 10-year financial plateau, I doubled revenues after working with Betsy. She asked hard questions, pushed in ways I needed to be pushed and introduced me to resources that have proven to be invaluable. Not only was last year the most productive that I’ve experienced, I felt more relaxed and had more time to spend with family. 

Christian Muntean

President, Vantage Consulting

Christian Muntean

President, Vantage Consulting

Betsy's approach is more than just a helping hand to give you a head start in your business. She provides end to end capabilities that would have taken me months to stumble through on my own accord. The journey has shaped my business, inspired individual growth and set the platform for a prosperous future. With Betsy in your backcourt you can help but create rich value for your clients. 

I've had the honor of working with Betsy for over a year now and am still floored by how much I've learned - and how much I still do not know. Her knowledge and understanding of the consulting process, the systems she has created, the simple language she uses to explain things is simply amazing. Her mentoring of consultants who are growing their practices and honing their skills is truly top notch.

I consider Betsy the ultimate professional; a true Consultant's Consultant.  She is light years ahead of others in her talent and execution in helping others succeed.

As an entrepreneur who has a tenancy to spin off in various directions with my head in the clouds, Betsy has kept me grounded while providing a path that leads to results. As my mentor, she has helped me to identify and refine my personal brand, understand and articulate my value while provided invaluable guidance in developing several aspects of my consulting business. If you are on the fence or considering your need for a mentor, Betsy is the obvious choice.

Jennifer Nixon-Misquez

President, Jennifer Nixon Consulting

Jennifer Nixon-Misquez

President, Jennifer Nixon Consulting

As I embark on a new career path, I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Betsy. She knows how to start a business, how to run it and how to SUSTAIN it which is the key to success. She takes the time to get to know her clients and tailors her mentoring to match their needs. I am certain that I personally could not have achieved so much in such a short period of time without the mentoring I have received from Betsy. She is a true professional and true advocate for her clients.

Betsy is one of the smartest consultants I have ever met. With her foundational roots grown at Disney, one of our world's most excellent companies, she has cultivated a deep expertise in best practices for companies and how all the systems must work together. She is resolute, yet kind, and pushes you to own your impediments while supporting you to realize your potential. I cannot recommend Betsy enough.


Your Consulting Success System

At the core of this program is my 6 module consulting success system that I have aptly named "The Consultant's Toolbox." Inside you'll find step-by-step training on all aspects of consulting, easy-to-follow videos and a treasure trove of ready-to-use best practices.

Whether you're new to consulting or established and wanting to take your success to the next level, you'll be fully equipped turn your purpose into profit. But that's not all!

Real-Time Support

I don't leave you to figure out how to apply this all on your own. You'll also get access to me and my years of experience through:

  • Online Community Forum
  • Bi-Weekly LIVE Consulting Skills Webinars 

For more details on the Consultant's Institute and an overview of the Toolbox content, go to the Program Overview here.

For more information on the Consultant's Institute and
to get an detailed overview of the Toolbox content,

go to the Program Overview here.



If you want to learn a proven system for working with executives and be trained on how to navigate the trickier components of consulting like navigating corporate politics and dealing with client resistance so you make money AND a difference, the Consultant's Institute is for you. 

I am so proud of the diversity of my membership and the variety of backgrounds they bring to our community - including marketing, sales, operations, finance, process improvement, IT, HR, organization development, etc. - my ideal members typically fall into one of the following categories:

Consulting Business Owners

Whether you are new to consulting or have been at it for a while, this program will dramatically shorten your learning curve on how to deliver results as a consultant (vs. as a leader) and give you ready-to-use tools to help you immediately land high-paying contracts. 

Internal Consultants & HR Professionals

This program holds the key to the one thing you need the most - a seat at the decision-making table with a voice that is heard, considered and respected. This program will equip you to influence change and shape key business decisions and position yourself to be the strategic partner you deserve to be.

Speakers, Trainers & Coaches

Already working with clients and want to add more value? Asked to deliver consulting solutions that are outside your wheelhouse? The Consultant's Institute will give you what you need to pitch, land and deliver a whole new array of high-paying consulting services.


The Consultant Institute is led by me, Betsy Jordyn. I have a been a consultant and executive advisor to world-class companies like Disney, Wyndham and AAA for over 20 years.

About 5 years ago I pivoted my business towards helping others achieve the same type of success that I had. 

My mission is help you achieve your highest potential and to use your strengths to make a difference as an executive advisor.

My goal is to make you profitable (meaning you earn an exceptional living with your consulting practice) and PROPHET-able (meaning that you can confidently speak truth to power and create real value for high-ego executive clients.)


When does the Consultant's Institute Start?

It is designed to be available when you are. Instead of time-based programs like grad school where you have to wait to get the training you need, it's created to give you the real-time support you need for your real-world client situations.

What's the investment?
Are there payment plans?

The investment for this program is $1999.
I do however offer a generous payment plan (8 monthly payments of $299.)

But I'd rather focus on the return you'll get. 


The peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly how you'd handle any client situation


Being able to effortlessly land long-term, high-paying contracts


Making a positive difference with your consulting - everyday!


Life without staring at the computer wondering where the next lead is going to come from because
you'll know EXACTLY how to make the most every one you got!




  • How to quickly and consistently replace your salary with consulting revenue
  • Why more leads aren't always what you need (and what you need instead)
  • The story of how one consultant launched his business and replaced his salary within a month!
  • The little known ways to set up a consulting engagement so that you are guaranteed to land the 2nd, 3rd and 4th contracts
  • PLUS...get your hands on ready-to-use consulting tools and swipe files for instant quick wins