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Strategic Business Build Guide


I am humbled by the nice things my clients say about me. Read what they are saying.

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New Levels Of Excellence
I have seen Betsy’s leadership in both a business setting at Disney and in the non-profit sector at Discovery Church. She has the unique ability to take multiple inputs, work with the leadership team to craft a vision, and then develop an implementation plan that brings the vision to reality. With Betsy’s help, individuals, companies, and non-profits can accelerate their performance to new levels of excellence.

—Brad Rex, President, CEO & Turnaround Leader

Qualified and effective
I am happy to recommend Betsy Jordyn as a highly qualified and effective organizational development consultant. I have personally worked closely with Betsy at the Walt Disney World Company as well as in her private practice at Accelera Consulting Group. She has a unique ability to identify the real issues and to recommend sound effective solutions for organizations both large and small. Her experience at the Walt Disney Company will give you an edge in moving your organization from good to great or great to greater.

- Lee Cockerell
Executive Vice President (Retired and Inspired)
Walt Disney World Resort
Author: Creating Magic and The Customer Rules

Unparalleled thought partner
Betsy has a unique ability to be objective and intuitive at the same time. She can assess a situation, quickly identify the “brutal facts,” and then leverage her perceptiveness to recommend how you can best leverage your skills and abilities to resolve the situation. Betsy does not know the meaning of “one-size-fits-all,” yet is able to translate universal concepts to very specific solutions for the challenges you might be facing. She influenced me to use my existing skills more effectively, making me a better leader, and was an unparalleled thought partner to me in sorting through organizational and strategic issues.

—Barbara Higgins
VP Customer Experience

Maximized our performance
Betsy brought a level of thinking to our organizational work that no consultant had before her. Thanks to her involvement we are now positioned to meet the demands of our environment and maximize our performance going forward.

—Kirk Thor, Ph.D.
Vice President
Organization Development

Betsy delivers results.
Betsy is the first person I think of when I or the teams that I support are facing organizational and leadership challenges. She is a true business partner who delivers results.

—Kim Marshall
Chief Human Resources Officer
Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Custom Recommendations
It's been a pleasure working with Betsy. She is a true professional and business partner. Betsy took the time to get to know the organization and the players so that she could make custom recommendations - there was never a cookie-cutter approach in any of her work with us. Betsy was willing to roll up her sleeves and work alongside the project team to ensure that we met our goals. I would highly recommend her work and her firm.

—Thomasina Kennedy

Drives Desired Outcomes
Betsy is a top-notch Organization Development (OD) practitioner and executive coach. She can quickly connect the dots regarding what’s needed, get key stakeholders on the same page, and drive desired outcomes. Betsy also quickly establishes rapport, has a keen sense of the individual in the context of their organization, and brings the right balance of intuition and wisdom that enables her clients to achieve their objectives. Betsy demonstrates a passion for her work, has depth of proven experience, and brings the human element along with a smile to any project. For these reasons, and more, I recommend Betsy to any organization that has high standards, and is committed to both "results" and "how" those results are achieved.

—Jeff Freedman, ClearPath Alliance. San Diego, CA

Observations are insightful, relevant and executable
Betsy cuts to the quick with a deft use of well researched concepts. models and rubrics. These she quickly adapts to nearly any situation, organization or industry. Her observations are insightful, relevant and executable – which any leader cherishes.

—John A. Webb, CPA, MBA

Results-driven expert
We know this to be self-evident, courageous, results-driven experts hired by famous organizations like Disney - to lead cultural change - possess something extraordinary. 

An exceptional partner who thinks differently, boldly, honestly, and inspires massive world-class transformation describes Betsy Jordyn perfectly.

- Jeff Noel
Keynote Speaker

Second To None
Betsy is an astute leader whose ability to guide the organizational development process is second to none. She is an intuitive individual that understands the integrative components of an effective team and how to develop custom solutions for any environment. It has been a pleasure working with Betsy and I highly recommend her.

 - Michael Hudson
Entrepreneur & Decision-Science Expert

High achieving business partner

Betsy and I partnered on several high profile projects. During that time I found her to be a fast paced, high achieving business partner. She possesses a quick intuitive sense of root cause issues and offers candid counsel and solid business solutions based on a deep understanding of organizational principles.

- Bob Shafer
Manager, Corporate Alliances

The Consummate Consultant
I've had the privilege of working with Betsy as an organization development professional at the Walt Disney Resort. I observed Betsy's client management skills, and her executive coaching abilities on a number of projects when I first joined the Disney OD department. Then, as a partner we worked with clients on strategy initiatives including alignment projects. Betsy is always the consummate consultant, insuring that her expertise is timely, relevant and a great fit for the client. I consider Betsy not only a friend but also a mentor!

- John Reneski, MBA TM
Full Sail University Educator, Marketing & Leadership and Organization Development Consultant, EdD Learner

Guides teams through complex situations

Betsy brings energy to her work that is remarkable, with the ability to fully synthesize both the professional and personal dynamics in the workplace. She recognizes that people are at the heart of an organization's strategy and operations -- her leadership and work product models the delicate balance between people and processes that lead to win-win results. She also brings the unique ability to guide teams through complex situations, connecting strategy to execution. She has a unique ability to ‘see the runway’ to bring a project home. I learned much from Betsy during our time together at Disney and look forward to future opportunities. She is a great leader, thought partner and friend.

- Brad Much
Manager, Global Solutions Operations at Oakwood Worldwide

Deconstructing complex problems

We consulted with Betsy on a series of senior leadership retreats which were intended to develop the operating strategy for the property for the upcoming year. Betsy assisted us in deconstructing complex problems and helped us to identify root causes which eventually led to a series of logical, and properly prioritized, solutions. She was an invaluable thought-partner whose methodology was customized to each situation and/or set of group dynamics, rather than going to a standard tool kit for the same old tired approach. Most importantly, Betsy was effective and helped us got the work done right, the first time.

- Roger Ploum
Corporate Director F&B and Lodging at Walt Disney Attractions Japan, Ltd.

Thoughtful and strategic
Betsy is a talented and gifted organizational consultant. She is extremely thoughtful, strategic and has extensive experience consulting with leaders at all levels to improve organizational processes, structure, and strategy. She handles large scale change projects with ease and is highly adept at communication and marketing of organizational strategy through her keen understanding of change management and organizational development.

- Amy Groff
Experienced Learning & Development Executive

Adept at solving complex problems
Betsy is extremely adept at taking complex problems and breaking them down into workable solutions. She is extremely bright and quickly grasps the business needs of her clients. Her strategic thinking capabilities coupled with her creative approach make her a great consultant to work with in bringing the client and their business to the next level.

- Tracy Y. Smith
Executive Coach, Founder - Ryden Consulting Group, LLC

Results-driven consultant
Betsy puts her clients first. She is that rare combination of results-driven consultant, courageous counselor and humorist. I found her insights to be keen and spot on. A delight to work with, Betsy embodies sound business/process consulting and change management with the ability to instill hope.

- Leon Lachance, SPHR
Director of Human Excellence, Digital Risk

Grasps Clients Needs
Betsy is an excellent consultant and professional with the ability to quickly grasp her clients' needs and design practical and comprehensive measurable solutions.

- Luis A. Marrero, Principal
The Boston Institute for the Applied Behavioral Sciences, Senior consultant at YSC

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