Strategic Business Build Course
Strategic Business Build Course
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Structured Guidance and Personalized Support to Help You


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You're a high-achieving professional who demands excellence in everything you do. That's why well meaning advice to "just go out there and get clients" doesn't work for you. 

You want and deserve more. You don't want to start just any business. You want to:

Start the right business...
for the right reasons...
in the right way.

You'll barely scratch the surface of what you could potentially achieve if you settle for anything less. And I think you know that already, right? You're ready for more than success. You're after significance in your work and balance in your life. 

And one thing I know for sure that in order to achieve BOTH purpose and profits - it's essential to:

Take a STRATEGIC approach to your business build process.

I know this first hand. When I left Disney over 10 years ago to start my own business - I did the hard work of building my brand and creating a world-class website. And as a result, I went from $0 to $300K within 18 months of launching and was quickly landing clients from all over the world. 

Which is why I'd love you to join my Idea to Launch Business Build Mentor Program. I'll help you fast-track your time to launch, build a business and life that you love, and save you years of expensive trial and error. 

The Results You Want:

  • Grow your own high-profit, high-impact business
  • Be seen as an expert and thought leader
  • Consistently attract and impress high-paying clients
  • Make money and a difference
  • Have more confidence in competence
  • Experience greater joy in all aspects of life

Who This is Ideal For:

  • Consultants and coaches
  • New business owners wanting to start right
  • Plateaued business owners needing to stabilize results
  • Successful business owners ready for the next level
  • High-achieving, action takers
  • Want success AND significance
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Whether you're brand new to business ownership or been at it for a while and need to improve your results - the Idea to Launch Business Build Mentoring Program can help.
This action learning experience gives you the skills AND marketing tools vital for your success. 

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Decode your business DNA - including clarifying your purpose, best-at strengths, most profitable niche and most promising ideal client.

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Messaging & Positioning

Find the compelling words to describe the value you create and your point of differentiation to use in your marketing, website copy and content.

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Marketing System

Set up your website as the hub to your marketing system to consistently attract and impress leads and convert them into high-paying clients.

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Hands on Support to Help You Build a Credible Website That Converts

I guide you through all aspects of your website design - from setting up the right structure and strategy, writing copy and working with a graphic designer/web developer. I work with a number of personally vetted experts who can help you build a world-class online presence.

Take a look below at some of the sites I helped create:  

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This program provides you all the coaching, structure, and accountability to keep you focused on achieving your goals.

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Business By Design eCourse

This 5-Module program shows you step-by-step how to launch and grow your business. 

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Action-Focused Coaching Sessions

Weekly guided and structured coaching over Zoom to improve your results and accountability.

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Unlimited On-Call Access

Unlimited phone, text or email access to me for questions inn between coaching calls.

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Session Notes & Recordings

Session notes and recordings will be uploaded to a shared Dropbox folder for your future reference. 

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Community Connection

Through a private Facebook group and live peer coaching sessions,
you'll connect with others who get what you're going through and can offer real support and encouragement.


Here’s a Sample Project Plan:

(Note – I estimate it takes about 4 months to complete the key steps and tasks.
Your actual project plan and  timeframe will be customized to YOUR starting point and learning style.)

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"Betsy helped me really crystalized what type of client I am looking for and the value I offer them. She helped paint the picture, shorten my learning curve and really propel me and set me up for success."

President, The BCJ Group

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"Betsy was the perfect strategic partner to help me launch my new consulting business!  Her expertise, proven best practices, and customized approach helps me attract the right clients by standing out in the market place."

President, The J.Blake Group

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Let's Sum it Up - Here's The Value of Everything You Get

It's important that you know the enormous value you'll getting my strategic support for your business build:

  • Business By Design eCourse (retail value $999) - This 5 Module system reflects all my hard won best practices in an easy to follow format. You'll be freed from wondering HOW to grow your business so you can focus on WHAT you want your business to be all about.
  • Structured Coaching - You'll go slow to grow fast! You'll accelerate the achievement of your goals while avoiding false starts and wasted time and money.
  • High Quality Business Platform - You'll have an online presence that you can feel proud of and that you'll direct people to. You'll be seen in the marketplace as the credible expert that you are.
  • Confidence in your competence - Using my "strengths-whispering" gifts, I'll coax out of you what you're best at and help you use it as the foundation of your future business success. 
  • An instant global community - You'll connect with others who are on the same journey you are - who will cheer you on and help you achieve your full potential.

Ready to Accelerate Your Success?

The Investment in This Program Starts at $2999

Payment plans are available.

Apply for Business Build Coaching

Please complete the form below and tell me more about your business and what you need help with. I'll be in touch shortly to schedule a call.

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