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Turn your Experience and Strengths into a Profitable Business Set up for Stable and Scalable Profits


Ready for total control over your career, time and earning power?

That's why you're on this page. 

You want to know how to turn your strengths and experiences into a profitable business. 

And there's only so much support you can get from a podcast, webinar or even an online course.

You're looking for more personalized support and proven best practices because a lot is on the line.

That's why there's a lot of fear that comes with a change of this magnitude. Money fears, competence fears and the one that keeps you up at night - letting down the people you love.

I get it. I felt the same fears when I leapt from my high-profile role at Disney and started my business.

And this is why I am uniquely qualified to help you at your critical career crossroads. 

I'll help you go ALL IN on your vision because I'll give you what you need - a proven system to help you quickly and confidently launch your business.

No marketing hacks. Just strategies that will set you up for stable and scalable profits.

THIS is what will assuage your fears as well as the fears that your loved ones might have so that everyone can get on board and focused towards creating your dream business that you and your clients will love. 

Here's What You'll Get From My Mentor Programs

Whether you've just starting your own business (or thinking seriously about it), the Idea to Launch program is for you. This personalized program provides you the essential things you'll need to start your own business (and NEVER have to work for someone else ever again!)

Clarity on Your Purpose

You get clear on who are you, what you want, your purpose and the absolute value that your strengths create for your ideal client so you can set up the right business for the right reasons. 

Personalized Guidance

I'll personally help you find the words to communicate your value - online and in person - and make sure you have a ready response to that question you're asked all the time, "So what you do?"

Community Support

Make connections and get support from others who share your values and are seeking the same type of redefined success as you are. Why go it alone? Your tribe is right here waiting to meet you!

Here's What You Will Create to Launch Your Business

The Idea to Launch Mentor program spans four months and is broken down into step-by-step guidance. My best clients are willing to GO SLOW TO GO FAST in order to make sure that each step is completed with excellence to accelerate results and avoid wasting time and money. 

Every business is built upon a purpose.

Our first coaching appointments will be focused on helping you uncover your real intentions for your business.

We'll uncover what is your ideal and most profitable business model and what it will create for your future clients and your life.

By the end of this step - you'll have clarity on what type of business you want to start and why it matters.

Clarifying your brand and value proposition will be the most transformative part of our work together.

In this phase of our work together we'll pinpoint your ideal client and dial into their wants and needs. We'll also package your brilliance so that you can articulate the unmistakeable value that only you can create.

By the end of this step you'll a ready answer to the question, "So what do you?" that makes it clear to the person you're talking to if they are your ideal client (or know someone who is!)

To attract and land high-paying clients, you need more than a brochure-style website - you need a credible website that converts!

In this phase of the work, I'll take you by the hand through one of the most challenging tasks for new business owners - writing website copy.

Through a structured template and detailed writing guide, we'll co-write copy that is free from corporate-speak and engages both the hearts and minds of your future clients.

Sidestep scattered marketing tactics; build a marketing system.

In this final step, we'll build your a marketing system that will consistently attract leads and turn it into daily, weekly and monthly routines to ensure you'll forever avoid the "feast or famine" income cycle.

By the end of this step and our work together, you'll have everything you need to launch your business, attract and land clients and live your dream.


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What You'll Get To Ensure You're FULLY Supported

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"I consider Betsy the ultimate professional; a true Consultant's Consultant. She is light years ahead of others in her talent and execution in helping others succeed."

Beverly Helton
President, Helton Consulting Group

"I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is to work with Betsy. She cuts right to the chase, she helped me 'pivot' in my thinking and my messaging. My confidence in what I have to bring to prospects shot up 100%. If you choose to work with her, you will become a Betsy Jordyn evangelist also."

Isabella Johnston
President, Pivot Consulting

"Betsy provides end to end capabilities that would have taken me months to stumble through on my own accord. The journey has shaped my business, inspired individual growth and set the platform for a prosperous future."

Dave Saliaris
President, Saliaris Consulting Group
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