Personal Brand &
Market Positioning Coaching

Discover and Leverage Your Best-At Strengths to Grow Your Business & Your Brand

Let's work together to clear the confusion and questions about the value you bring to the table so that you can confidently grow the RIGHT business.

We'll weave together your track record, expertise and story into a credible brand and value proposition that makes it clear to your ideal client that you are the strategic partner that they have been waiting for!

The Results You'll Create:

  • Set up a purpose and service driven business
  • Find and connect with your ideal clients
  • Leverage the skills that come most naturally to you
  • Have a powerful response when  asked, "So what do you do?'
  • Reduce your spin and questions
  • Position your business for sustainable and consistent success
  • Boost your confidence

Who this program is for:

  • High-achieving professionals
  • Aspiring, new or seasoned consultants and coaches
  • Looking for success on own terms
  • Any stage of business growth
  • Lives values of service, integrity and "going slow to go fast"
  • Desires to make a difference
  • Enjoys structured coaching & validation from a compassionate and committed mentor

What's Included in Your
Brand Breakthrough Coaching Program

Identify Your Ideal Client & Most Profitable Niche

Unsure who your business serves and would be likely to hire you? Using my unique and proven brand building framework, I'll help you uncover the person that you have the potential for greatest success and what would motivate them to hire you.

We'll paint a such a clear picture of your ideal client - you'll know exactly how to find them and the transformation they deeply want.

Own Your Expertise

Ready to finally crack the code on how your experience, education and strengths into a marketable expertise?  Together we'll help you find the words to describe clearly what you do and how your consulting or coaching is distinct and stands out among the competition.

You'll then be able to determine the best business model that will create maximum profits for both you and your clients and will give you opportunities to scale.

Articulate Your Value Proposition

We'll co-create a value proposition that you use on your website homepage and on your social media platforms that showcases a clear promise of irresistable value to your ideal clients. 

We'll also develop a script you can use at networking events so that when you're asked "So, what do you do?" you have a powerful response. 

You'll have an opportunity to practice and refine your messages so that you can easily connect with and impress future clients.

Identify Your Core Positioning Messages

We'll identify key messages you need to lead with on your website, social media platforms and marketing strategies that will position you as a sought-after expert for your ideal clients. 

You'll have the clarity you need to start writing your website copy and the confidence to market yourself.


You Also Get

Structured Coaching Sessions

6 highly structured and focused coaching sessions on Zoom (60 minutes each)

Notes & Recordings

A shared Dropbox folder will be used for notes and video recordings from each session

Business By Design eCourse

You'll get forever access to a comprehensive eCourse that takes you by the hand from idea to business launch to reinforce your brand building work and guide you through website writing and launching your business.

2 Months of Unlimited Access

You get unlimited email, text or phone access for your real-time questions or challenges.

Action, Reflection & Accountability

Homework and actions will be assigned between sessions to keep you focused and on track

Personalized Support

My goal is to give you whole person support as you walk through self-limiting beliefs about the value of your experience and your worth. I'll prove to you that you have what it takes until you believe it yourself.

Get Started on Growing a Business you LOVE

Your Investment is $2999

Payment Plans are Available.

Consider the Value of Having Clarity and Confidence in YOUR Value


"I have always dreamt about being my own boss but I didn't know exactly what it meant to be on your own as a one-man shop and what type of business I wanted to have. Betsy helped me really crystalized what type of client I am looking for and the value I offer them. She helped paint the picture, shorten my learning curve and really propel me and set me up for success."

President, The BCJ Group

"If you’re looking for a life-changing mentor, Betsy’s knowledge well is bottomless!  Betsy has kept me on a path that leads to results. She has helped me to identify and refine my personal brand, understand and articulate my value while provided invaluable guidance in developing several aspects of my consulting business. She is honest, direct and keeps me accountable to my goals."

President, Jennifer Nixon Consulting

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