Strategic Business Build Course
Strategic Business Build Course


Discover My Disney Secrets to Consulting Excellence 

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Organizational Consulting 101

Ready to take your place as a consultant to the C-Suite?

In my dynamic eCourse and guidebook "Organizational Consulting 101," you'll get my insider secrets to working with senior leaders in world-class companies like Disney, Wyndham and AAA.

This program is for internal and external consultants who need help establishing their credibility and landing more strategic consulting projects.

Price: $39


Consulting Branding & Marketing

Ready to market yourself authentically and in a way that resonates with your ideal clients?

In my thought-provoking and action-oriented eCourse and guidebook "Consulting Branding and Marketing," you'll develop a clear and compelling value proposition and right-fit marketing strategies that will make you the obvious choice for the clients you most want to work with.

This program is for new and seasoned consultants wanting to start the RIGHT practice and work with clients that they can make a difference with (and who will pay them what they are worth!)

Price: $29

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Contacts to Contracts
(Establishing Winning Partnerships)

Ready to land high-paying contracts and long-term client partnerships?

In my action-oriented eCourse and guidebook "Establishing Winning Partnerships," I'll demystify the process of landing high-paying clients WITHOUT having to resort to shameless self-promotion or slick pricing techniques.

This program is for purpose-driven consultants who need to get out of the "time for money trap" but want to do so in a way that aligns with their strong values around integrity and service.

Price: $49


Making Every Position Count - Leadership Development Guidebook

Competencies, Questionnaires and Activities to Help your Clients Develop and Grow their Leadership Excellence

After leaving Disney, I got curious about what makes top talent tick and how other companies can attract and develop the same caliber of leaders that Disney had. And this workbook is the result of what I discovered and the tools and templates I have personally used to help my clients develop their executive talent. Save time and money and improve your client results when you purchase this 166-page guidebook. 

Price: $19.99


Extreme Makeover: Business Edition

Learn the Steps to Organization Design

Organization design is one of the most powerful, yet under-utilized, tools for improving performance. In this eBook, you'll discover 10 smart strategies to help you to lead your clients through organization design.

If you're ready to master this high impact business performance solution (while setting yourself up as a strategic and credible consultant), download my free ebook now.

Price: FREE


A Hands On Guide to Organization Design

Want the playbook to leading an organization design initiative for your clients?

This comprehensive guidebook provides internal and external consultants with a practical set of tools for guiding executives and project teams through the complexities of organization design. 

In this 55-page workbook, you'll get access to the meeting agendas and worksheets that I have personally used to help my clients all around the world make the tough decisions around how to best structure their people and processes.

Price: $19.99


Making Good On Your Word

My Disney Secrets to Customer & Employee Engagement

I created this eBook to share the principles I pulled upon to help the Disney operations team take its already legendary guest and cast experience to the next level. Your clients don't need the Disney brand or resources to thrill their customers or have employees who deliver exceptional performance. What they do need are smart strategies to get everyone in the organization on the same page - making and delivering the same customer promises. And you're the consultant who can help create those smart strategies once you download this free eBook. 

Price: FREE


The Confident Consultant

Ready to turn your life work into your own business but not sure where to start?

I wrote this eBook to give the instant answer which is NOT just going out there and getting clients. Your first step is EXACTLY what you think it is - weaving together your experiences and strengths into a promise of value that your future clients want and will absolutely pay for!

This book is for new consulting business owners who want to start their businesses right or seasoned consultants who want to attract more right-fit clients. 

Price: FREE

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