How to Get a Visual Brand You're Proud Of [Behind-the-Scenes Tutorial with Betsy & Jen]

2 - brand messaging & positioning 3 - credible websites that convert Aug 03, 2021

Want an online image that reflects the depth and power of what you do and establishes you as a premium brand?

I sure do! I relaunched my website, which reflects the biggest changes to my business (even bigger than when I left Disney to start my own consulting business.)

In this tutorial video, my partner Jen Hamilton and I take you behind the scenes of this total website and brand makeover and how Jen and I together got to a place of owning our unique niche in the business mentoring/marketing agency space. 

---> You're going to love this video if you're wondering if it's worth it to invest in your online presence.

(or just super-curious about the fuss that Jen and I have made about our makeover.)

Jen and I talk about:

  • How you know you're ready (and if it's worth it) to invest time and money in your visual brand and website experience
  • How we decided our current website just wasn't cutting it anymore
  • How we went about our transformation - what we kept and what we ditched
  • Where we focused our financial investments and where we were okay with doing with what we had
  • How the process transformed our online image AND our clarity and confidence in what we do

If you've got any website shame or you just know in your heart it is time for you to take your place as a sought-after expert and thought leader in your unique consulting and coaching niche - let us show you the way.

About Me: I'm Betsy Jordyn and my business development firm builds strong and powerful brands for remarkable consultants and coaches and their unique strengths. Simply put we design consulting and coaching practices that position you as a thought leader and sought-after expert by helping you find the words to describe the value of what you do and use them on your website and in your marketing. Check out our mentoring programs and agency services at  

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